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Sino-PK: A Professional Preform Mould Maker in China

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Preform mould is a kind of package mould. In our company there are two kinds of preform mould: pet preform mould and pp preform mould. We have a branch company especially for package mould named SINOPK. SINOPK is a professional preform mould maker in China, which was established in 2004 year, is the innovating company for various preform mould design, preform mould components machining process, preform mould standard components mass production and preform mould manufacturing etc. All this action is aimed on preform mould high speed injection and prolong mould running life. We have rich mould experience. And can provide advance technology, and rich experience.


Preform mould always is multi cavities, so we need very precise machining to all the plates and components, also they need very good hot runner system. Especially for, they need valve gate injection system and the valve gate injection system need very precise material sealing function, also need precise temperature controlling to keep the injection force equal and injection force balanced.

Generally speaking, we have three mainly mouth screw: PCO1881, PCO1810, ROPP. And we use stainless steel S136 for core and cavity. Preform mould belong high precise mould and preform also use take in water or other drinking. So we should use food requirements, S136 can achieve this requirements.

We have rich experience in preform mould. Because we have special package engineer team, they have experience and each year can produce about 500 sets of package molds. And we can achieve the preform mould cycle time about 10s (different cavity different cycle time) and delivery time we can achieve 50 days.


When we finish the preform mould, we need to check the product is qualified or not. Now, let’s talk about preform mould check points:

Gram: the variation should be within 0.3g.

Mating: if this preform has matching product, like cap or other fixing product, and the most important should be check the cap and preform fix or not.

Surface quality: the product surface is clear or not. Is it has yellow mark or fog mark.

Size and thickness: is it qualified.


And each preform mould we will have one sets of spare parts: one core and cavity, heating ring, O type ring and nipple and so on. And we also have many tools and parts to customer for free.

If you have preform moulds under going, you can feel free contact us. We will offer each customer a tailor made solution and high quality preform mould.


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