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The railway has changed the country forever

by anonymous

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Ever since the railways first began to be laid in the Southeast, things have been changing. Kent in particular, has been revolutionised the advent of mass transport. Traditionally the county has been defined by its segregated nature and inaccessibility, which lead to the growth of smaller communities. When a man was from the edge of Kent, he went to see Malling escorts when he was after a little bit of company. Similarly, those living in small seaside towns would not work in the city; the idea of a commute would seem utterly alien to those living just a few hundred years ago. It was very much a case of living an entire life in a small community, where everyone knew each other and communal spirit was less of a bonus than it was a necessity.

Nowadays, many choose to live in the glorious greenery of the countryside and travel into work each day. They are able to enjoy the best of both worlds, cut off from the world when they want to relax and at the centre of excitement when they want to work or play. They are able to enjoy this luxury thanks to the wonders of the railway. Now the rural areas don’t have to live in isolation. In many ways, most small little towns are part of a bigger identity, a county wide, regional, national or even global identity. The nature of geographical definement is breaking down, as more and more of life’s essentials become digital. Previously, hobbies and experiences were hard to share with others because they lacked common ground. But now, as more people turn to gaming and other online activities to fill their time, such boundaries are removed. With many Europeans speaking a common language, it’s not unusual to have teams made up of members of various different countries, all living and playing together.

So the days of Malling escorts being for Malling men may very well be over. Obviously, some things will never leave the physical, and the feeling of having a gorgeous woman by your side is something that can’t be replicated, but a man’s choice is now limited purely by the availability of travel. As highspeed train networks roll out around the country, it looks as if this might be it for small town life. Nowadays, you’re more likely to hear the latest bit of scandal on Facebook than you are to get it from the town gossip. Whether or not this is a good thing is debatable but it does seem inevitable. The digital world provides so many advantages and is becoming so integral to life, it’s almost impossible to imagine life without it. At what cost it will come remains to be seen.

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