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Get to learn the holy Quran online with Quran tutor

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Quran tutor will help you to learn and understand the holy book Quran which is essential for every Muslim or a follower of Islam. Every Muslim family considers it very important to learn the holy Quran and make their children learn and understand it from childhood. There are some families who are not able to get the facilities of a knowledgeable teacher who can teach the Holy Quran to their children. Teaching and learning Quran is not very easy and it should be done with utmost dedication and discipline. This can only teach by reputed and perfect Quran teachers. But due to the unavailability of such teachers in most part of the world, many families have to compromise the process.

With the help of internet, teaching has been taken to a new level. Now many children are able to learn from the internet. With the facility of video chatting and conferencing, online Quran class is also possible.

About online Quran tutor

The online Quran tutor is available in many online institutes who provide classes too many children online all around the world. Several institutes have curriculum and programs worked out according the student's preferences and choices. They provide the very basic essential for every Muslim child. The institutes have well learned and trained teachers who make the children understand the verses and the need for understanding the holy book. They take special care in the pronunciation of each syllable which is essential. You can find several such institutes where you can enroll your child. They have slots divided for each student and proper attention is given to every single child. The Quran academy is easy to find and easy to enroll making the process hassle free.

Courses offered

The courses in different institutes have been divided into several categories. These categories can be chosen according to the type of enlightenment you want to give to your child. Some basic courses offered by an online Quran tutor are listed below

  1. Quran reading- it is the basic course for children as well as for adults who are beginners. In this course you get to read the holy book, recognize alphabets in Arabic; learn prayers, duas and kalimas and more.
  2. Quran memorizes- memorizing the entire holy book. This course is for children who have already read the book.
  3. Translation of Quran- translating the entire book to make you understand each verse and its meaning. This course will also provide you Arabic teaching.

Why choose online

Choosing online Quran tutor is preferable in case you don’t have many teachers available in your place. Aldo these online tutors are selected from various parts of the world thus your child gets to learn from the best teachers in the world. They selected on the basis of their merits and knowledge in the field. Moreover, online Quran lesson is very economical as you don’t have to take your child to class. The fee structure and procedure are well organized and very reasonable also. One other advantage to learn Quran online is that you also get to learn the Arabic language and many other things like customs and facts on religion.


Learn quran online with tajweed for beginners along with quran memorization, tafseer, quran translation, dua, prayers and other Arabic courses at quran academy by Quran tutor.

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