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Top 6 Features Which Metamorphosed Rails 3.0

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Rails development in India has been going on for some time and among the companies who work in Rails, Mindfire is one of the best. The team at Mindfire has developed complex Rails applications from scratch, done maintenance on existing applications, have helped clients migrate from older versions of Rails to Rails3.0. The Rails development team at Mindfire has built a CMS which has been shared in Github, in addition to this a survey gem was also developed by the team. When you hire rails developers from us, you get access to the expertise and experience we have gained over working in these huge number of projects.

Having worked in so many versions of rails, our developers were happy with the wonderful features of Rails3.0. Some of the features that were truly amazing were the ones related to the architectural changes – as given below:

There are six major changes in the architecture of Rails.

Railties Restrung
Railties was updated to provide a consistent plugin API for the entire Rails framework as well as a total rewrite of generators and the Rails bindings, the result is that developers can now hook into any significant stage of the generators and application framework in a consistent, defined manner.

All Rails core components are decoupled
With the merge of Merb and Rails, one of the big jobs was to remove the tight between Rails core components. This has now been achieved, and all Rails core components are now using the same API that you can use for developing plugins. This means any plugin you make, or any core component replacement (like DataMapper or Sequel) can access all the functionality that the Rails core components have access to and extend and enhance at will.

Active Model Abstraction
Part of the core components was extracting all ties to Active Record from Action Pack. This has now been completed. All new ORM plugins now just need to implement Active Model interfaces to work seamlessly with Action Pack.

Controller Abstraction
Another big part of the core components was creating a base super that is separated from the notions of HTTP in order to handle rendering of views etc. This creation of AbstractController allowed ActionController and ActionMailer to be greatly simplified with common code removed from all these libraries and put into Abstract Controller.

Arel Integration
Arel (or Active Relation) has been taken on as the underpinnings of Active Record and is now required for Rails. Arel provides an SQL abstraction that simplifies out Active Record and provides the underpinnings for the relation functionality in Active Record.

Mail Extraction
Action Mailer ever since its beginnings has had monkey patches, even delivery and receiver agents, all in addition to having TMail vendored in the source tree. Version 3 changes that with all email message related functionality abstracted out to the Mail gem. This again reduces code duplication and helps create definable boundaries between Action Mailer and the email.

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