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Renting a Paris Vacation Rental for the First Time

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Renting a Paris vacation rental for the first time can be memorable and it is usually the best time to put your investigative skills at work. The steps you take and questions you make during the booking process can change the outcome of your vacation, altogether. Deciding on a Paris vacation rental may be likened to buying a designer dress. You need to acquaint yourself with the item before you purchase it.

When renting a Paris apartment, don't be afraid to ask away! Apartment owners will not call you "naggy" provided you ask the right questions about their apartment. In fact, many landlords encourage and expect their potential renters to ask questions about the apartment before making a down payment. Finding out as much as you can about the apartment will save you from vacations-gone-wrong and will also save the owners from the stress that comes with failed vacations.

1. Is this property child- or pet-friendly?

There are some opportunities to rent an apartment in Paris, especially high-end ones, which are open to pets; however, not all apartments are optimistic about the idea of having Fido stay near expensive or valuable furniture or carpets. If you want to visit and stay in a Paris vacation rental with your chinchilla, poodle, or Persian cat, always ask the landlord if their apartment is pet-friendly. The same goes for kids. One can find a Paris apartment that may have high stairs without rails, delicate or expensive furniture or the environment itself may not be safe for children. Find out if the Paris vacation rental is ideal for children aged 10 and below before making your pick.

2. Is there a parking space within the apartment building (basement parking) or nearby?

Real estate is expensive in Paris and if you do plan on having a car at your Paris apartment, parking spaces in the best location within the city are in high demand. If you plan to rent a car during your vacation, ask the concierge or landlord if the apartment building has a basement parking area. If not, find out if there is a free parking spot or paid parking area nearby.

3. Do you accept travel insurance in lieu of security deposit?

Many tourists forget that their home owners insurance also covers them for damages when they rent a home or a Paris vacation rental. If your home insurance mentions this clause, show it to your travel agent before paying for the security deposit. However, take note that not all landlords accept travel insurances as a way to protect the rental. Certain insurance companies without representatives in Paris or Europe may often be declined.

4. Are there snacks, condiments, or bread in the apartment or should we provide our own?

This is often considered as an additional service and not all landlords offer the usual welcoming gift of baguettes and red wine, but it won't hurt to ask. So when you rent an apartment in Paris, you may have condiments and seasonings in the kitchen for your use, but that's about it. Ask your landlord if there is a need for you to drop by Franprix or Monoprix (French supermarkets) before you head to your Paris apartment.

5. If the description of the apartment says it is located on the 1st, 2nd, or 3rd floor, find out if this follows the European or American flooring description.

In the US, the first floor is the floor that is at level with the ground or with the pavement, but in Paris, the floor that is at level with the ground is aptly referred to as the ground floor, while the floor above it is the first floor. If your Paris vacation rental is advertised as being on the 4th floor, that would be the 5th floor, in American terms.

6. Where is the nearest metro?

If you do rent an apartment in Paris, you will of course want to get to know Paris, it would be a wise idea to take the high road and walk; however, the city has such an amazing metro system that can take you from point A to point B in minutes. If you want to get to a certain location fast, it would be wise to stay near the metro.

7. Is there an air-conditioning unit in the apartment?

It's often cool and cloudy in Paris, but during the summer months, get ready to sweat. The temperatures in Paris may rise unexpectedly during this season, and may drop without warning. For more enjoyable summer vacations, it would be wise to secure a Paris vacation rental with air-conditioning or with fans.

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