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Here is a tool that can repair BKF file instantly

by larendaniel

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With the help of an NTBackup utility, you maintain backup of data. Data gets stored in a BKF file. BKF file can be stored on any medium like Floppy disk, CD, and pen-drives. It is possible to store the BKF file in two different backup sets on multiple storage mediums and allows you to restore data from both the backup sets at a single time. But at times, backup set of the BKF file gets corrupt. In such situation, restoration process cannot be carried out. However, to overcome such situation  try to repair BKF file by a third party BKF Repair tools.

Let's consider a real time example. Suppose, you restore data in a BKF file and you use two different backup sets to backup data on two different storage mediums. An error message is displayed when you try to restore data that looks same as given below:
“Error: An inconsistency was encountered on the requested media.”

Above error message occurs when you try to restore data from the first storage medium. Data gets restored easily and then you move to the second storage medium. This error message bothers you every time, when you try to restore data.

Following are the possible reasons for above error message:
The first reason is that if NTBackup program gives you incorrect piece of media to restore from.
When you append backups multiple times, then also above error message gets reflected.
Another reason may be that both the sets of BKF file or any one set is corrupt or damaged.


To handle above issue, you need to perform the below steps:
Always select and restore only one backup set at a time.
Sort the backup sets by as set number so it can be restored easily and sequentially one at a time.

If backup sets are corrupt, then make use of a third party BKF Repair software so that you can repair BKF file. Ample of tools are available in the market. Just search it on Google. These tools are simple and easy to work. A well documented help file comes along with the software.
By using help file, you can proceed with much ease. All the data of the BKF file becomes accessible for you.

Stellar BKF Repair is a sophisticated tool that can repair BKF file effectively. The tool provides an option which reflects the latest software updates. It recovers data of the BKF file whether it may be videos, documents, songs, folders, vital files, and other data. The tool is compatible with Windows 7, Vista, Server 2003, XP, and 2000.

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