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Abortion or Otherwise

by jonesmichelle08

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Abortion suggests a lot of negative energies to a lot of different people. So why don’t we tackle the different other possibilities that can prevent women from resorting to abortion. So, what are the other options?

First, don’t have sex. But that’s really a stupid advice, right? Sex is a basic human need. Unless you are a nun, you not having sex is actually quite unbearable—if not, impossible. So let’s just jump directly to the next option. And that, my friend, is the condom.

Condoms are the most popular tool for birth control. Other couples do not like using condoms because—let me paraphrase it—it feels weird and foreign/alien. You can laugh all you want, but I’ve heard accounts like that. These perspectives are usually from ignorant (I don’t mean this in a sarcastic way) folks who are not fortunate enough to be reached by sex education.

There are also other options other than the condom though. There is this one called the calendar method, but it is usually only effective if the woman has a regular monthly period. The method is simple. The couple can have sex on the days when the woman is not fertile. Of course, that depends on when the menstruation regularly occurs. This is not very effective though because according to the experts, there is still a chance of pregnancy if the sex is unprotected.

So let’s proceed to a surer method—vasectomy. This way, you won’t get pregnant ever again. For me, this is the best way to prevent abortion, provided the man involved is not a masochist pig with a ballooning ego. If that’s the case, women might want to take the move and use birth control pills instead.

Now, a lot of women also use birth control pills. However, I myself won’t use this stuff due to certain side effects the pills can bring to the user. Recurring headaches, mood swings, and irritability are just few of the said side effects. I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to put additional havoc to my already stressful life.

Any of the methods above is way better than abortion. Although abortion is also considered as a form of birth control, I believe the said methods are less dangerous. At least if you don’t get pregnant, you don’t have to wrestle with your conscience or emotions on whether to abort your child or to keep it—not to mention the physical risks. Precaution is better than hasty action. Am I right?

Unfortunately, if you did any, if not, all the methods mentioned above and you still managed to get pregnant, you really need to wrestle with your conscience and moral fiber (that moral fiber expression is originally from Dumbledore) if it’s a go or a no with abortion. Actually, there’s one more option. That is adoption. You can give up the child for adoption after childbirth. If you think carrying the child for nine months is still too much, then it’s abortion for you. It all comes down to your choice anyway.

Michelle Jones is the author of this article on abortion. Know more about abortion Virginia here.

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