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Tips on How to Choose Dry Cleaners in london

by moscowgordeeva

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Most of us are aware of dry cleaning since we often take that favorite and delicate cloth of ours to dry cleaners for cleaning. But have you ever stopped to think how dry cleaning works? Your favorite shirt or dress may get stained with an oil stain, food stain or grease stain. This can really be disappointing as you think how to get back the flair in your shirt or dress. Well, there is nothing to worry about because the work of dry cleaners is to handle such cases whereby they dry clean will such a cloth. Dry cleaning helps remove stains from clothes to make them look new. That is what we look for in dry cleaning.

Jean Baptiste Jolly, the owner of a French dye-works, discovered dry cleaning in the year 1855. Actually, it was by an act of accident when his house maid dropped kerosene on one of the stains in a tablecloth. To the surprise of many, the stain was removed by kerosene. Since then, it became a popular practice to use kerosene to dry clean clothes.Today, tetrachloroethylene or perchloroethylene, also known as “perc” is used most inthe dry cleaning industry. It is very effective in removing oily and greasy stains based on its synthetic solvent nature. Dry cleaning refers to something devoid of water since it doesn’t imply the use of water but instead a solvent. This is called dry cleaning process.

The right clothes are selected for the process. Synthetic and nylon clothes are preferred for dry cleaning. You determine the type of material for the cloth by looking on the cloth’s label. Once the suitable cloth material has been selected, the clothes are tagged in different colors and assigned with numbers for easy identification of the person to whom it belongs to. The clothes are then taken through the first stage of dry cleaning, which is the pre-treatment staining. This involves application of stain removers to the clothes so as to easen removal of the stain later on.

The actual dry cleaning process is done using dry cleaning machines which are huge in size to fit large quantity of clothes. The machine consist of the main chamber where clothes are first put, a separate chamber to store cleaning solvents, a pump to distribute the solvent, and a filter for removal of impurities. After the clothes have been put inside the machine, it is switched on. The solvent is pumped and distributed throughout the cloth’s chamber to mix well with all the clothes inside the chamber so that all stains get immersed in the solvent. The solvent aids in the removal of stain in cloth’s fabric. The used solvent is filtered to be reused in the next cycle. This cycle repeats until all the stains have been removed from the clothes. Then there is the extract cycle that ensures all the solvent is totally removed from the clothes. The clothes are then dried inside a dryer at a temperature of 63 ºC. This vaporizes the remaining solvent off the clothes, which then condenses later back to liquid. The dried clothes are now ready for wear. This whole process takes about 15-30 minutes.

The final touch on the clothes is ironing which gives the clothes back the shine, neatness and flair. All that has been described is what happens in the laundry and dry cleaners industry. Some people have opted to do dry cleaning at home instead of seeking the services from the laundry and dry cleaners industry. This calls for a lot of professionalism and attention to detail on their part.

Dry Cleaners is better for the health of the fabric on which it is applied by any Dry Cleaning. City centre dry cleaners provides all dry cleaning and laundry services from a full wash, iron and fold service.

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