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Tape autoloader is the best solution to meet storage needs

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Data is the important asset for any industry and has to be maintained for the future requirements. When it comes to IT industry, it is most valuable as it contains confidential project and application details. It is important for all IT organizations to maintain their valuable asset for further references. Usually, most of the companies prefer basic infrastructure like servers to store and manage the data, but the traditional servers have the minimum capacity and cannot maintain large amount of information. These servers can provide network connection within organization to access the data.  These can manage multiple operating systems and business applications to support various functionalities.

There are many storage devices to maintain and the massive volume of data. There are data travelers, zip drives, compact disks, solid state drives (SDD), hard disk drives (HDD), network attached storage (NAS), storage area network (SAN), tape drives, tape library, tape autoloaders and many more. All these are developed by the IT professionals to maintain and manage the heavy workloads by storing the data. Tape autoloaders are gaining more popularity. These can manage the vast volume of data with single tape library. These are cost-effective and can uphold the crucial information for longer period of time.  These devices allow multiple users to access the data within organizational network. These can provide high-speed processing power for prompt data access. These are featured with bar code reader to facilitate the business operations by offering random access of cartridges.

TS2900 is the latest version in these autoloaders to store and maintain the valuable information for future references. These have additional features that manage the data recovery and backup. These are affordable by all kinds of organizations from small sized to large sized. These are capable to move the data from one disk to another in case of any disk failure. These are designed with magnetic tapes to maintain the backup for longer time. These can allow multiple advantages to improve the efficiency and reliability. These can change the tape automatically to reduce the management overhead, improves the scalability to meet the future needs.

TS2900 offers many benefits like replicated systems, broad interface support, massive storage and many more to maximize the competency. These are featured with 2U dense form factor to endorse with single LTO (Linear tape open). This LTO ultrium functionality can provide utmost storage capacity with high density solutions. These are also featured with remote functionality to control the various business operations in the tape systems.

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