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Why Trust the Cloud? Hard Drive Expansion Never Got Easier w

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Prepare to be enthused. Expanding your collection of hard drives never got easier with the new category of mobile drive cages from iStarUSA. Five lines of hot-swappable drive cages all shine beautifully with excellent aluminum quality and design. Each mobile drive cage features a full aluminum frame equipped for even the most exhaustive work. The aluminum not only helps dissipate heat from
your system, but also reduces the overall weight of the computer case or chassis, a trait to be surely appreciated by heavy travelers and media production teams who need to lug around equipment all day. And with RAID capability, you can configure each hard drive to mirror data, making it nearly
impossible to lose precious gigabytes of recorded sounds and visuals.

Designed for Media Production

These mobile drive cages take a load off audio and visual production especially. RAID configuration can turn your computer into a copy machine, copying data so that every team member can carry away the same set of files to go straight into post-production. And when you need to retrieve data fast, hard drives can be swapped out and put back in while the computer’s still running. You can choose
a tray-less drive bay design which will allow you to quickly swap raw data from one system to another, or you can make use of our trays to caddy your drives around. Your HDD’s will ride along with you as you chug through production after production.

Trailblazers in HDD Expansion

So who's who? The T7M1 is a tough cookie that can house a hard drive capacity of up to 3 Terabytes (that’s about 40 DVDs!). It comes with a drive tray caddy that both accompanies the hard drive in and out of the cage and can act as a carrying caddy on the road. The T7M1 comes in 4 colors, which allows for easy color coding so you don’t have to turn on the computer just to identify which
drive houses which files. The BPN-DE and BPU-S drive cage lines are sure to be hotshots in the industry, with trail-blazing transfer rates of 6.0Gb/s, hot-swap capability, and RAID configuration. Both lines employ “keep cool” design technology, with cool aluminum construction and fans at the backend. With a design that systematically dissipates heat while data is being transferred, we give you the peace of mind to keep cranking out music and creating awesome videos without having to worry about your data being lost in something transitory like a cloud.

Mobile Drive Cage Clusters: Revolutionizing Hot-Swap Technology

Our mobile drive cage clusters come in hot-swap options of 6 in 1, 4 in 1, 2 in 1,
and 1 in 1. Whether it’s audio or video files, data can be streamed and distributed live into these drives at the amazing speed of 6.0 gigabytes per second. You can house different sets of files in each of the different drives or use them to copy data, so these clusters are good for both mirroring and expanding storage space. And what’s unique about the 2 in 1 and 1 in 1 drive cages is that they support both traditional drives and—yup, you dreamed it—solid-state drives (SSD), which allow your OS to operate at blazing speed.

Need More Info? We're Here for You

Check out our website for full specs and pictures, and details on where to buy our mobile drive cages. We also offer tech support right from our website, as well as a partner program for those who’d like to partner with us. See our flyers featured in this newsletter, or check out our website's press release section for more details on our mobile drive cages.

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