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On Page SEO Factors For Search Engine Friendly Website Desig

by webeveron

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There are a number of good websites but no one can find them online until they will become popular. To make your website visitors friendly, you need to make it search engine friendly. There are some SEO tricks that a website designer should always keep in mind.

1. Regular Web pages Updation

Although it is very difficult to change the content of any websites but for making your website active,  you can do some interchange on your website. For an instance, if there is a blog on your site then you can change or add some latest blogs on your website. Because search engine crawlers will only read the new content of the site.

2. Be Cautious with too much Flash

Most of the time web designers use flash to make their site attractive and cool. But for search engine, crawling of those sites becomes very difficult that are using too much flash. Web designers should always use those flashes which are easily accessible by search engines.

3. Block Pages You Don’t Crawl

Sometimes in a website, there are some pages that we don’t look on the Google front page. However, those pages are available on the site so the best way to avoid the page being crawled and indexed by the Google is using robots.text file.

4. Content for Search Engine Spiders

Web Designers should always remember that the Google crawler reads the content available on the website. Those sites which are image oriented should not expect high ranking of your website. So if you really want your site to rank high, avoid using too many images and insert quality content as much as you can on your website.

5. Distinctive Meta Data

Often designers design a template that they use in the whole site. However, they forget to make a change in the metadata. As a result, all the sites have the same data that are considered as a duplicate by the search engine spider. Always remember that the metadata of each page differs to another.

6. Distinctive page titles

For SEO purpose, we use unique page titles to make sure that every website has a unique attributes. However, if you will use the same title on every page of your website then search engine will not acknowledge the differentiation and ignore it. So, it is very important to use the unique web page titles.

7. Significance of your heading tag

Heading tags are considered very important as per search engines so never forget to put keywords in heading tags like h1, h2, h3 etc. By using keywords in heading tag, you will help the search engine crawler to rank your website.


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