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Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Online Store – Making Martial Arts Famou

by Graciesydney

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GRACIEONLINESTORE is a virtual extension of the Gracie wear. It is a concept which originated in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil later expanding to service North American and is responsible for the production and distribution of 100% official Gracie Jiu-Jitsu merchandise. We are now very excited to announce its arrival to the Australian Oceania and Pacific region. GRACIEONLIESTORE.COM goal is to provide Gracie wear clothing and equipment to all instructors, students and fans of Gracie Jiu Jitsu.


Many of us know about martial arts classes and its myriad benefits, which are a part of it. However, how many of us actually know what various forms are and why we should learn a few of them and not the others? In short, there is a lot of information and knowledge on the subject but we really do not pay much heed to it. For most of us, martial is akin to getting boxing classes or any of these classes with self-protection as the theme. Gracie Sydney comprehends this mentality of the common person and has therefore, opened avenues in order to make them famous around the world. Recently, it has opened an online store to sell merchandise in order to make the myriad forms and benefits of martial arts popular among the people who are still oblivious to it.

The online store:

It is imperative to make people know that there are many health related benefits of self-defense classes and the more they learn the art the more are the benefits that they can get from it. The list of benefits of these self-defense classes is many such as:

Mental well-being

Building of physical endurance and strength


Lessening of the chances of lifestyle based

Ability to tackle people and save live

Prevent harm upon self and protect others as well

The recent venture of the online store of Gracie Sydney primarily caters to all those who are a part of the institute and take pride in whatever they are doing. Be it teaching or learning these Sydney martial arts, the institute makes sure that whatever is done is presented to the whole world with élan. The store has a host of apparel such as pants, T-shirts etc. as well as martial arts accessories for the people to buy them as well as present them to other. In this manner, the store has been instrumental in popularizing Brazilian jiu jitsu and other forms of martial arts as well. This form is an excellent way of hand to hand combat followed in US and other elite forces across the world.

Gracie Sydney is a martial arts Sydney based institute which has made a lot of progress in making martial arts form quite famous. By conducting classes around the country, the main theme the institute tends to spread is that no one is too young or too old to learn martial arts. It is also not something, which should be learnt because it can benefit you in a certain manner. In fact, there are a lot many other advantages of learning martial art forms such as Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Bjj. Apart from being physically fit, these forms tend to imbibe a sense of discipline into the regime of your life and tends to make you emotionally less vulnerable. It also teaches you the art of responding properly in a lesser time span, which is something that every person should learn. In short, martial arts are indeed something that people must try and learn.


Mr. Michael Kopel writes about Gracie Sydney was founded in 2001 when Bruno Panno emigrated from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, specifically to introduce Gracie Jiu Jitsu to Sydney, Australia. He writes about various Bjj Sydney and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.

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