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Choosing the Best Colour of Your Wedding Dress

by anonymous

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When you begin shopping for a bridal gown, you will naturally consider style, fabric, and embellishments. What some brides do not stop to think about, however is colour. In addition to the standard white, there are also beautiful wedding gowns in shades of ivory, cream, blush, champagne, and pale mocha.

Don't you imagine it seems quite interesting that most brides fancy white wedding dresses during their wedding ceremonies? Certain people express that the elegant white designer wedding gown is a sure reflection of top societal status while others say it is an impression of innocence and purity. While white stands out as the symbol colour for the wedding gown, coloured wedding gowns have slowly crept into the marital ceremonies. Every fashion evolves with the whims and fancy of every generation and wedding gowns have not been left behind in this continuous process. So, the trend in the vogue is to buy used wedding dress online and to hand-pick one that sprinkles the elegance of colour to your wedding.

Diamond white is the colour that is traditionally worn at weddings and with good reason too. The colour white is considered auspicious and there is nothing as beautiful as a bride dressed in pristine white. White signifies purity and brings out the glow on the bride's face. White wedding gowns were worn ever since the time of Queen Victoria and the tradition still continues.

Many brides use their favorite colours for their wedding dresses - pink, red, fuchsia, burgundy, plum, mauve, purple, or blue. But before you choose colours, see if you can't find some photos of various weddings from the past. Look at a variety of colour patterns and combinations before making your choice. You might find colours that you like much better than your usual favorites.

It is important to take into consideration the season in which you are getting married and what your skin tone will be then. Are you having a summer wedding? If so will you have a bit of a tan already, or perhaps you might be choosing to add a fake glow! If you're going for a professional spray tan or doing it yourself at home we would advise you to have a 'practice run' first. If you're an overseas bride then getting wed in a hot climate it is most likely to alter your skin colour. Do be extra careful if you have a tendency to burn and watch out for unsightly strap marks, neither of which will be a good look! Alternatively if it's a winter wedding many of us will be sporting the pale English rose complexion! Whatever your personal skin colouring, it should be a determining factor when you're searching for your dream wedding dress.

On the other hand, since wedding dresses are currently available in a variety of colours including red, black, gold and even sliver. If there is a theme of your wedding, the colour of your wedding dress should match that. Safe colours for wedding dresses are ivory, white and cream, which will compliment any colour of the decor and the bridesmaid dresses. Black and grey are usually avoided as they are usually associated with depression occasions and moods. Also you can choose the colour that match the season like sliver for winter or pale pink for spring. Colours like browns, reds and burnt oranges are usually selected by brides for fall. Now gold wedding gowns are really welcomed in the fall. And for summer, almost any colour goes. Some earthly colours, like greens, mud-browns and maroon will incorporate many outdoor spring weddings.

There are no rules that dictate that your wedding gown has to be entirely one colour; another colour could be incorporated into the design. You could have this in different coloured beading and detail, in a chiffon or lace overlay or perhaps as a sash or bow. This can be a great option for many brides who want something that little bit different, as well as tying into the colour theme of your wedding day. Alternatively you may choose to go for a solid colour in a designer wedding dress and have a red, blue, pink, yellow or even black wedding gown. You are the bride and the choice is yours, just make sure you have lots of fun trying them on!

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