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Important Facts on Thermage Treatment from Plastic Surgeons

by carmeliatoliver

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Portland Oregon has its fair share of warm days in a year. Throughout these days, many individuals could become overly exposed to the sun's rays. As you may know, sun exposure can be an agent of skin aging. Excessive exposure to the sun's harmful rays can produce freckles, age spots, wrinkles and other aging signs to appear. One of the many ways to help fight early skin aging is with the help of reliable plastic surgeons in Portland Oregon.

Thermage is one of the many treatments that plastic surgeons may do. This is a method of tightening the skin with using radiofrequency equipment. This modern technology directs thermal energy into the skin to heat up the collagen fibers. It targets to promote an enhanced synthesis of the skin's dermis and subcutaneous tissues. This synthesis then brings an improvement in the skin's look.

With the thermage procedure, wrinkles can be smoothened out, and the skin texture improved. The skin's epidermis can be extremely sensitive, so this treatment likewise involves means of cooling the top layer of the skin, while heat is transmitted down into the deeper layers. Because no damage is done to the epidermis, thermage is considered an outpatient technique, not needing overnight hospital confinement for clients getting treatment.

With this procedure, sections of the face like the eyelids and the rest of the skin around the eyes respond well. The entire treatment may last for only around 45 minutes. In turn, the results may last for as much as two years. This makes it a really effective solution against skin aging. Furthermore, thermage may often be used in other areas of the body as well.

Consult your professional plastic surgeons in Portland Oregon to learn whether or not you can become a legitimate candidate for this procedure. You may have medical concerns that could lessen the success or even the safety of a thermage procedure on your face and body.

Avoiding early skin aging can help you retain young skin. Furthermore, it could also stop particular skin disorders. Browse through more about this procedure from

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