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Introducing the New Lexus LF-CC Concept Car

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There was a lot of buzz at the Paris Motor Show when Lexus launched the concept version of the Lexus LF-CC car. LF stands for L-Finesse and CC stands for Compact Coupe. This four seat coupe is the smallest car to incorporate the elements that shall be a part of the innovative Lexus D-Segment vehicles. 

The spindle grille, the titanium hue, the big fenders, the uncovered LED lights are just some of the features that make this beauty sleek and well defined. The car comes fitted with a 2.5 litre hybrid power train with a direct gas engine and an electric drive system, and has emissions that are less than 100gCO2/km. There's also a high powered battery and a power split device that can relocate power from the engines. 

The interior is spacious with a touch screen and the Human Machine Interface or HMI technology that allows the driver to control the environment within the car at the touch of a screen. Speculations are on to see how much of the design is incorporated when the car reaches the production stage. But the Company has promised that all important features will be carried in the production vehicle. 

"The core of the Lexus design technology including this L-Finesse design is to be technologically advanced, yet humanized, to create striking design, but still be artistic yet unpretentious," says Simon Humphries, Group Manager, Global Design Management Division at Lexus. Even the automotive plants are known for their innovative processes and high quality output, yet they're also famous for their hand craftsmanship. The Company is one of the few that has introduced Takumi or masters who ensure that every car coming out of the plant is perfect and built to unprecedented standards. 

About Lexus: This is a part of the luxury design range of Japanese automotive Company Toyota Motor Corporation. The L-Finesse design introduced in the Lexus LF-CC is a part of the future Lexus D-Segment designs. 

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