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Difference between the services of a security guard and a bo

by liyo89

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There are some considerable differences between a bodyguard and a security guard with a varying degree of danger. Both the jobs have sometimes lower and escalating risks that can and cannot be managed with training. In this article you will come to know about the dangers associated with these jobs and the differences between them. At the end you will come to know which job is better than the other in terms of their danger level.


Dangerous situations that can be expected by a security guard

A security task includes securing of patrolling, objectives and maintaining order in a facility and also bodyguard like attributions, when they have to keep a close eye on a particular individual or small group of people.


While doing the security job, the security guard may face a fight or a battle or weaponry of various types. However, the security task does not involve staking out his life while in danger. If a security guard faces a danger outside the bounds of their contract or an escalating danger then he can flee or notify the authorities or ask for back up.


Also, the security guards of private event security companies Londoncan further mitigate personal danger because the objectives of many of the field operatives is rather informational than action oriented. A security guard can use equipment for his physical protection as he is expected to face a high level of danger. The security guards rarely lack information about their objectives; they have a very good idea about how to deal a particular situation.


Dangerous situations that can be expected by a bodyguard

The danger level a bodyguard has to face depends on the client he is working for, the client may be of low profile who does not have many threats, or he/she may be a very famous personality, threatened by some people. Thus, a bodyguard’s situation can oscillate.


A bodyguard of private bodyguard companies in London UKcan be given the task of protecting a person throughout day and night, which means the bodyguard has to stay with the person every time and the danger to himself may be greater during his service hours.


Hence, we can see that the major difference between a bodyguard and a security guard is that a bodyguard only has to protect his employer for a particular duration. Hence, greater the danger level an individual is exposed to, so will the bodyguard be.


On the other hand a security guard is less prone to constant danger; he can also escape from the particular situation. In the case of famous personalities, while doing executive close protection services in London UK, the bodyguards have to stake their own lives to protect the individuals. This situation is less prone to happen to a security guard.




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