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Can Help You Recover Word Document

by Dsmith

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Microsoft Word is one of the most user-friendly application for any kind of document creation, whether the create letters or write novels. Not just that, writers and editors in each and every field use this application to create and manage their work. That is why, anybody who is in allied field knows how useful it can be. They also know how nasty it can be at times. This happens when it refuses to open and the user is left helpless wondering how to get inside that file and bring out all the data from it. To solve this problem, people have switched to keeping a backup. But, alas, backup is not updated every day. That is when, Word repair software can help. But before you try to search for a software, there are a good number of .doc repair options that you can try beforehand.

If your Word file has either not opened, or is showing garbled text, then it has become corrupt or damaged:

* Normally, the application tries to automatically use Open and Repair feature, but if it doesn't then the user needs to use this feature himself/herself. But if this doesn't work, then follow the steps mentioned below.
* First ensure that the file is corrupt, and not a problem with the application. This can be verified by trying to open the document on another computer, or by trying to open another Word file.
* If it is the file which is corrupt, then disable 'automatic update links', before opening the file in draft mode.
* Another option is to try and insert the document as a file in a new document. This helps in many cases.
* In case, you have not inserted too many graphics and there is only text in your document, chances are they can be recovered. Use the Recover Text from Any File(*.*) option, and recover your textual data.
* If all else fails, then you can fall back on the most updated backup for .doc repair.
* But if that is not possible, or doesn't solve your purpose, then you have to opt for the third-party Word Repair Tool.

Stellar Phoenix Word Repair is a highly user-friendly application that can repair any such damaged or corrupt Word document. The application recovers text, tables, images, embedded images, bulleted lists, drawings, headers, footers, footnotes, sub-headers, charts and other objects. This Word repair application supports Microsoft Word 2010, 2007, 2003, 2002 (XP) and 2000, and is compatible with Windows 7, Vista, XP, 2003, 2000 and NT.

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