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Constant Care for your ears

by elynieva

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It is not uncommon to come across people with hearing problems. If you have been brought up in a family with old people probably your grandmother or grandfather, you might have notices how hard it is to put a point across as they may be having impaired hearing.  This is not a serious case especially with the aged. The human body slows down with age and cell regeneration does not occur as fast as it should. With the aged, hearing problems come naturally and you need regular doctors checkups to ensure the problem does not persist. For the young, there is still time to take care of your ears if you are not impaired hearing already.


Your ears need constant cleaning just like the rest of the body. However, rather than what most people do, you need clean materials to clean it. There are some things that you beware of if you want your ears to be free of any infections. Most people like using cotton wool do clean their delicate parts of skins. The ears and noses are cleaned using cotton wool but this is wrong. If you put cotton wool in your ears, you run the risk of pushing wax deeper into the eardrum which may destroy the eardrum and lead to more wax. Instead, you are advisable to look for something that will not push the wax downwards.


It is common habit to find people slipping their fingers into their ears or towels to remove wax or nay foreign particles lodged in their ears. Doctors avid against this and also prohibit against slipping blunt objects or sharp objects for that matter as they can lead to the destruction of the eardrums and consequently impaired hearing.  The ear is a sensitive park of our body that needs constant care. Although there are several ways we can achieve this at home, it is always advised to get an expert to do it. If you wash with unclean water, you might infect the ear.  


Doctors have their own ways of cleaning the ears especially removing the excess wax from the ear. Although excess wax is dangerous, it is always important to know that it acts as the first line of defense for the ears. Any dirt accumulating in the ears is captured by the wax and hence protecting the inner ear from damage or infections.  If this wax is removed completely, it is easier for the ears to be infected. 

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