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by jamieviggiano

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You've probably created your very own social networking profile on websites like Facebook or Twitter to get through to your customers and top off your conventional marketing campaigns, just like every wise retailer. And, to have your posts appear on the News Feed tab of your clients' Facebook accounts is your objective. However, there's no method to know for certain if they're able to read your posts until they post a comment or click on the "Like" button.

Similar to the Facebook News Feed, you can likewise present product information via data feed. This information is typically seen in your ads, catalogs, and internet sites, but because data feeds are easily passed on, they may not always be visible on the Net the way you originally intended. To provide your customers with reliable info about your products at all times, you'll need to have an efficient product feed management system available.

Product information normally is available in Excel file or text file formats, both of which can be simple to manipulate as they get passed on. Yet your product info may be lost in translation, like how messages get misinterpreted through hurried phone calls or rushed text messages. To successfully impart your intended message, you may wish to look into data feed optimization (DFO) services.

With DFO, you can boost the product info in a data feed to make sure that the information is received in exactly the means the recipient should. In this manner, you can better ensure that your designated recipients receive accurate product details. You can thus minimize inaccuracies connected to pricing, which prospective clients normally consider a big turn-off.

Yet another convenience of DFO is that it permits customers to look for product specifics in a more orderly way, thus making it easy for them to make systematic buying decisions. This is because DFO organizes details in a way that makes it easy to do comparisons. Current info is also possible with DFO, making clients aware of any product that is in limited stock or is no longer in production.

Organized product info is best attained making use of Bing, a search engine which offers pertinent search results, in addition to related searches. By using a coherent Bing product feed, you can guide website visitors to products they may need. To know more, visit

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