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Where Have All the Gadgets Gone?

by shielabartlett

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Technology moves forward from generation to generation. But, have you ever wondered where all the gadgets from the previous generations have gone now? What people only see are the newest trends, gadgets and technology. Whenever there are fresh and innovative gadgets, people ignore those from the past. They pay no attention to the things that brought them the most advanced gadgets in the current market. They do not take into account the history of every product they use now.


Although a lot of people may have been ignoring the “lost” gadgets we had from the past generations, there can be some people who probably wonder where have all those gadgets gone. They may be already gone, meaning they don’t even exist now. However, it’s possible that we can still find them elsewhere - in people’s houses, over the internet or under some inventors’ secret laboratories.


We can identify lost technology as old cell phone models, huge computer desktops, typewriters, beepers, walkie-talkies, film cameras and so much more. These are all the basis of what technology today is. Without this stuff, people couldn’t even invent the most modern laptop and computers, mobile phones, digital cameras, and so on.


If you’re one of the people who speculate where have all these gadgets gone, take a look at some of the possible places (and reasons) where we can find them – instantly, discreetly and difficultly.




People who are still very interested in the previous versions of lost technology and all other gadgets from the previous generations. People who are under this category can be described as those geeks, nerds, researchers and tech enthusiasts. They probably find this stuff over the internet, such as online selling sites, or over antique shops that offer old gadgets. Inventors can also fall under this category because they use their collection as basis or foundation to invent stuff that has never been invented before.


Classifed Ads Sites


We can define them as online selling sites as well, except the fact that some sites have that “social” feature wherein you can promote and share the products and services that you’re selling which is usually called as a social commerce website. Collectors can find additional collections here or they can even use these sites to sell theirs. It’s cool for some to find odd gadgets here, anyway.


Antique Shops


Yes, we can describe the previous gadgets as “old” and there’s nowhere to find them but on these kind of shops. Antique shops are known for selling old furniture, but due to the demand or trend that we’re having right now, they can also sell old gadgets for different purposes. It is to drive customers, like geeks, nerds, researchers and even inventors.



Companies that manufactured the old gadgets or the collectors may have come up with the idea of building up museums and exhibition centers to show off some of their collections.


They can all be connected to each other, as collectors find their collections from the online selling sites and antique shops. And, collectors can build their own museum to show off every piece they have.


Considering the fact that most people notice more of what today’s technology is bringing us, there can be others who are interested and amazed by the previous ones. It’s all about wonders and appreciation.

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