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Prayer for Our Leaders

by anonymous

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America is in serious financial and spiritual trouble. These troubles stem not from external threats, but rather from the unconstitutional decisions made by our elected officials. It has been particularly disturbing for patriotic Americans to support and elect Tea Party candidates who say they will adhere to the Constitution, only to watch them turn around and vote for policies which violate the most basic principles of that document.

Two recent examples include the Tea Party caucus voting for indefinite detention (meaning permanent imprisonment) of American citizens by the Executive Branch without due process; and the passage of the so-called Presidential Appointments Efficiency Act, which allows any President to appoint high-level officials without the advice and consent of the Senate. Many Americans remain unaware of the implications of these threats to our way of life.

The concepts of liberty, personal responsibility and individual freedom that this nation was founded upon appear to be dying before our very eyes. It is time for Americans of faith to pray for the United States.

The apostle Paul instructs Timothy – and by extension, all believers – to pray for those in authority. Paul says that we must pray for our leaders so that we may live quiet and peaceful lives.

Pray For US (Pray For the United States) is an online outreach ministry that allows Christians to let our elected officials know they are in our prayers. The free and paid services provided by the ministry allow believers to send a personalized prayer to every elected Tea Party official in Congress and to select committee members.

It can be used to send a prayer and to remind our elected officials that they are accountable to God, to the Constitution and to “we the people.” As the United States of America becomes less like a “shining city on a hill” and more like the former evil empire of the Soviet Union, we must remind Christians to pray for leaders.

Believers are asked to join this growing movement by visiting HTTPS://PrayFor.US and signing up for the ministry’s newsletter. We can only rebuild our battered institutions and restore our Republic by electing people faithful to the Constitution of these United States, and by prayerfully reminding those who are elected of their accountability to their oath of office, to the Constitution and to God.

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