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About cost-effective easy fundraiser ideas for schools

by Charleston

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Even though the government spends a lot of taxpayers’ money on education, schools rarely receive all the funds they make requests for. Schools must therefore look for alternative sources of funds to plug the deficits in their budgets.


Faced with financial constraints, a school administration has no choice but to axe all the non-essential items from its budget with the main casualties being extracurricular activities like sports, music, drama, ballet and bands. Parents are then forced to decide whether they will let their children miss out on the activities that the school cannot afford to support or whether they will shore up various easy fundraising ideas so as to raise the money required for these activities. More often than not, parents are willing to chip in and raise the extra funds. By devising simple fundraising initiatives that encourage the participation of parents and other well wishers, schools can raise enough money to supplement what they are allocated.


When thinking of easy fundraiser ideas, a school fundraising committee should as much as possible stick to initiatives that are cost-effective and require as little cash investment as possible. The objective of these fundraising ideas is to collect money and so it’ll make no sense to engage in costly fundraising exercises that’ll end up consuming a significant portion of the money raised.


One of the best easy fundraising ideas is to organize a grand sale. For this a school sets aside a day on which parents and students bring items to be auctioned off with the proceeds going to the school. This technique is usually very successful because parents and well wishers are actively involved. People can bring old jewelry they no longer wear, old toys, paintings, furniture, and many other things they no longer need. Parents can also prepare delicacies like cakes and doughnuts to be sold. This technique is effective because every parent can bring an item to sell and generally, anything brought for sale will find a buyer.


Holding a raffle is another of the cost-effective easy fundraiser ideas. Raffles are rather ideal as fundraising activities because they can bring in a lot of money at little or no expense to the school. Perhaps the best way of doing this is to convince one or more sponsors to donate the prizes to be won. Participants buy tickets, which can even be sold online to reduce costs, and the winners take the prizes available. The fundraising committee will collect money from ticket sales.


One other example of cost-effective easy fundraising ideas is to ask parents to come to school on a designated day and have them sell their professional services to one another. Barbers can therefore give other parents haircuts, masseuses can offer massages, and mechanics can service other parents’ vehicles, and so on, with all the fees collected going to the fundraising committee. If this particular fundraising method is used the fundraising committee won’t need to spend much of the school’s money but it is likely to collect substantial donations.




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