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Why All Patients Need Professional Dental Cleanings

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For most patients, dental cleanings are not on top of the “favorite activity list.”  Some patients have negative memories of a dental visit from childhood.  Some patients do not like the feeling of being in the dentist’s chair.  Dr. McKay and staff at Glendale family dentists understand that visiting the dentist may be worrisome to some, however it is absolutely necessary to overcome any fear and visit the dentist.  Your dental staff has the tools and experience necessary for patients to receive the care needed to achieve optimum oral health.  Professional cleanings provide your mouth with a high level of clean that is impossible to achieve at home.  Professional cleanings give your dentist the opportunity to check for serious infections and oral cancer.  

Why Isn’t Brushing Enough?

Many patients exercise good oral hygiene habits on a daily basis.  They brush and floss twice a day, and even use additional dental products such as mouthwash.  While this is an excellent start to a lifetime of good oral hygiene, at-home care is not enough to maintain that enjoyable healthy smile.  All patients require routine dental visits to work hand-in-hand with daily brushing and flossing.  

Brushing and flossing helps to rid your mouth of that sticky bacterial film that builds up on teeth throughout the day called plaque.  Plaque is an unavoidable result of eating and drinking throughout the day.  Some patients may be able to clear the mouth of a good amount of plaque through meticulous brushing and flossing, however some plaque will always be left behind between the teeth and in those hard to reach places.  The plaque left behind will harden and form a substance called Tartar, (also known as calculus).  Tarter is defined as mineralized plaque on dental enamel.  It provides a breeding ground for harmful bacteria.  It is impossible for patients to remove tartar at home.  Modern dentistry makes the removal of tartar possible during semi-annual dental cleanings which gives the patient a clean slate to work with at home.  

It’s quite apparent that patients should always maintain good brushing habits.  However, at-home care needs to be combined with dental cleanings to successfully avoid decay and gum disease. Cleanings also allow the dentist to identify and treat early signs of infection and to check for oral cancer.  

Brushing and flossing are key to maintaining daily oral hygiene which is the first step to keeping a healthy smile for years to come.  To achieve maximum oral health, pair your excellent daily routine with a professional dental cleaning.  Give Dr. McKay and staff at the Glendale general dentists a call if you have any questions or would like to schedule an appointment—(818) 334-2974.

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