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Exploring the different types of fragrances

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Shopping for fragrances is a confusing experience for many people not so much because of the variety of scents out there but rather because of the manner in which discount perfumes fragrances are categorized. The differences between Eau de cologne, Eau de Perfume, Eau de Toilette, and many others, are lost on many shoppers. You may have also noted that these fragrances vary widely in price. Additionally, if you have tried several fragrances, you may have noticed that some of them stay on your body for long while others fade away only a few hours after application. All these differences are the result of the way various discount perfumes fragrances are made.

A number of key ingredients make up discount perfumes fragrances. One of these is the aromatic compounds from which particular scents are derived. These compounds can be derived from animals (like deer musk), from plants (like aromatic oils), or be artificial. It is these aromatic compounds that are dissolved in a mixture of water and various alcohols in order to realize your favorite discount perfumes fragrances.

The percentage of aromatic compounds in a fragrance determines its characteristics. A fragrance with the highest concentration of aromatic compounds is called Perfume or Extrait parfum. It contains anywhere between 15% and 40% of aromatic compounds per bottle thus making it the strongest form of fragrance and also the most expensive. With this type of fragrance just a little dab or spray will be enough to last the whole day courtesy of its high concentration.

Eau de Parfum is a little less concentrated than extrait parfum, with 10% to 20% concentration of aromatic compounds. It is thus not as potent as extrait parfum and is also a little cheaper. Eau de Toilette follows with 5% to 8% concentration of aromatic compounds. Eau de Cologne is the least potent with only about 5% concentration of the aromatic compounds (Eau Fraiche is a feminine version of Eau de Cologne with a similar concentration). These are the major types of fragrances but manufacturers have come up with other types that are peculiar to them. Each manufacturer has its own style of blending the aromatic oils and other ingredients and so you may, for example, find an Eau de Cologne from one company and an Eau de Toilette from another having equal amounts of the aromatic compounds.

The price and intended use should determine your choices of discount perfumes fragrances. Fragrances with less aromatic oils are cheaper but wear out faster; buying a cheap Eau de cologne rather than a costlier parfum may therefore not be such a wise investment after all. Nevertheless, you should invest in a variety of fragrances enough to suit all the different occasions you expect to be engaged in.

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