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Why the Typical Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon Endorses Sea

by terrybayer

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Typically, you cannot get near to sea cucumbers and sea urchins without running the threat of getting afflicted with venom. For one, the sea urchin's needle-like spines can pass through the covering of the skin. But when the plastic surgeon in Beverly Hills states these hold the answer to a younger-looking you, then you better reevaluate your options.

Prof. Maurice Elphick and his research group came to this conclusion after an investigation into a special quality discovered in these marine echinoderms. They evaluated lots of DNA sequences of genes of certain species like the purple sea urchin and the Japanese sea cucumber (seen for its usage in Asian food). It's reasonable that the last thing you desire is for these creatures to hit you where it hurts, although Elphick's group was more interested in discovering what's inside them instead of just what they release.

The group from Queen Mary, University of London uncovered that these creatures have the capability to alter the framework of the collagen in their bodies. This flexibility allows these creatures to fit even in the tightest spots on the sea floor. Elphick associated this capability to peptides in genes, which instruct the body when to tighten up or loosen up the collagen.

Human collagen, however, doesn't precisely enjoy the exact same features. As people age, the collagen in their skin declines mainly due to a decline in production, making their skin appear parched and wrinkled. Peptides from sea cucumbers and sea urchins would then be remarkably helpful for individuals who would want to maintain the impression of youth.

As of today, there are no specifics about how future studies would proceed. A deeper look at the part of sea cucumbers and sea urchins in plastic surgery is a great option. If successful, you might see Los Angeles plastic surgeons offer means to make you look younger using the innate ability of these sea creatures.

To understand even more about the critical duty of sea urchins and sea cucumbers to future cosmetic surgical procedure, you can check out the entire tale at With all these new and innovative discoveries, the future is looking extremely bright for the beauty industry.

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