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Christmas eve is the start of the true Christmas experience

by gilbert2805

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The festive holidays are rather like a meal. Christmas eve is the starter, it’s when you get really excited and start to feel the seasonal spirit. It wets your taste buds and makes you anticipate the treat to come. It’s the moment of excitement before you get exactly what you wanted, like when you’re being handed a present, or you’re waiting for the arrival of one of the finest escorts London has to offer. The day itself is the big burst of flavour and sustenance, the main event. It’s going to make or break the whole event, so it’s worth a little bit of extra effort. Boxing day is the dessert: at any other time it would be amazing but now, after the indulgence that’s come before it, you’re not sure how much more you really want. If you had a choice, you would rest on the sofa for a little bit, then come back to demolish that bowl of cake and brandy butter, but there’s always that one person who’s still hungry and forces the dessert spoons out with their gentle smile and polite manner.


So if you want to have a good christmas, you need to make the most of every one of your days. Sadly, most people tend to neglect christmas eve, and it becomes the day that you go to church and get the food ready and generally do all the boring bits before going to bed early. Some of us are even unlucky enough to have to go to work, which can rather sap the magic from the day. It’s an arduous task, working when everyone else is out there having carefree fun and spending the day making sure everything will be perfect. It’s not helped by the fact that your co-workers are almost inevitably just as gloomy as you and no amount of tinsel edged tables and novelty hats will help with that. Your glum, sullen expressions will really suck the life out of the occasion and by the end of the day, you’ll probably just want to crash on the sofa and watch some bad telly. Don’t. Make the day special, by treating yourself to something when you’ve finished work. Anything you really want will do, be it a juicy steak from the butchers or some of the finest escorts London has ever seen! Just make sure that you have a reason to get through the day, and something to look forward to when you get home.


For those of us that have the day off: rejoice. You’re free! You may still have a lot of small little jobs to do, but at least you won’t be spending your day trapped behind a desk, staring at a flickering screen and yet another spreadsheet. Try and get everything done early, ideally by the end of the morning, so you have time to relax later and enjoy yourself. Again, the key is to motivate yourself with a reward: a great meal this evening, a night on the town, a glass of scotch by the fire, whatever makes it easier to put your head down and get cracking.


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