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Types of Tea Available At Online Tea Shops

by Teawholesale

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Several types of teas are there to complement several types of tea lovers. These tea varieties are cultivated at the mountain top tea plantations, from where they are plucked, processed and packed into attractive, preservative boxes, pouches and bags. If you’re wondering where to buy tea that soothes your nerves, you might consider looking up the internet. You will find a lot many tea varieties which not only impart a different hue to the brew but also vary in taste and properties. For instance, white tea is processed with fresh jasmine flowers which lend a distinct jasmine aroma. There are other types like green, organic and yellow tea. 

Popular types of tea:

Any tea type is bound to have a fan following, and there is a constant effort to develop more variety. Most popular varieties like the jasmine tea, black tea and green tea have been very popular with ancient Chinese royals and have come down from one generation to another in almost the exact composition. These are typically healthy teas and fight a lot of disease causing organisms. Then there are pure organic and herbal teas which help in complete detoxification of the body and improve the immune system. The matcha green tea is a popular tea in Japan and is a finely milled brew.

Tea buds and leaves are grown and processed in different ways. This imparts to them their distinct characteristics in color, aroma and benefits. Some are only sun dried, some are fermented. There are tea varieties, which are roasted and rolled on heat, to twist the leaves and made ready for packaging.

Find the best teas online:

If you know where to buy tea, you have won half the battle. This is because many sellers hand over products which barely pass for tea, let alone quality tea. However, there are websites from tea companies, manufacturers, retailer and wholesales who make it possible for you to taste the best-in-class brew at reasonable rates. You get imported tea right at your doorstep with their home shipment advantage.

On such websites, you can find white tea packs that can be enjoyed by the entire family every morning for a fresh start. Additionally, you can also get a yellow tea gift pack for a loved one as a birthday gift. These teas are light, scented, therapeutic and easy on the body. These also enjoy worldwide popularity and dedicated tea loves vouch for their effectiveness as antidepressants.


About JK Tea Co. Ltd:

JK Tea Co. Ltd is established by a group of tea enthusiasts & experts in Guangzhou, China, with the aim to share fine & rare Chinese tea to international tea lovers. All the teas are sourced by JK expert team via our various tea trips and guarantee the high quality. They providejasmine tea, green tea, black tea, white tea, organic teaand some tea accessories at their online store.

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