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Look for the vibrant collection of Signet Rings this Winter

by Jewellerymen

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Define your personality with sealing signet rings this winter! Signet rings are engraved rings with unique symbols signs, and letters. These engraved rings were earlier used as a ring to use to seal important documents in order to verify the sender. They were used by noble families and by high up members of society and so it resembles status and power. Today, wearing a signet ring is not limited to the nobility and can be engraved with any number of designs.

Evolution of Signet Rings

With an ever-changing fashion, we see that the type of jewellery worn by people has also changed a lot. Signet rings are no longer just for the royalty and nobility and are increasingly worn by people wishing to maintain their lineage and define their family throughout generations. Some signet rings are handed down from father to son over many generations and as modern society puts more and more pressure on families we see an increase in people wishing to define their family line.

Go Trendy this Winter!

Signet rings are often created to hold the heraldic motifs that are unique to the wearer but they need not be that way. It is now quite fashionable to engrave designs from the workplace such as corporate logos and virtually any design is seen so long as it is technically possible to engrave. These rings are often made with engraved stones. Some of the harder stones such as black onyx and jasper hold the engraving well. Others such as amethyst can be a bit more fragile and not suitable for a smaller ring. Some designs are engraved directly to the metal.

The Perfect Gifting Choice

Because the designs are unique to the wearer these rings make perfect presents. If you want to give something really special to someone then you will be hard pressed to fins any other piece of jewellery more desired. These are the gifts that are treasured over generations and become family heirlooms.

Design, Order and Purchase in Few Clicks!

With the development of the web and global shipping and payment solutions it is ever easier and reliable to search for your engraved signet rings online. Your choices of merchant become limitless as there are fine jewellers all over the world that display their wares on the internet. Even custom and bespoke jewellery is not a problem as communication systems allow for easy transfer of the relevant information for the designs. There are huge savings to be made also as the online jewellers do not have the overheads of the high street merchants and are also often able to work in countries close to the supply of the best raw materials and skilled workers.

About Author

I have been working with The Regnas Collection of Jewelry for men for several years and I am excited by the work that we do. It is a passion for us and our designs often include ideas that we have picked up from our customers. We have a vibrant custom design and build section and to us the customer is king. Our European backgrounds leave us with a great deal of knowledge of heraldry and heraldic family crest designs and we incorporate many of them in our mens rings, signet rings and custom cuff links. The Regnas Collection continues to expand and we are introducing new lines all the time. We are able to source and supply a large variety of sterling silver cufflinks, custom made cufflinks, mens cufflinks, jade cufflinks, heraldic cufflinks, malachite cufflinks, engraved cufflinks, gold cufflinks, Jade rings, custom engraved rings, signet rings, and others.

It is my pleasure to run the Jewellerymen website and our vibrant Facebook community. Tim Davies Director It and marketing The Regnas Collection

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