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How to Buy and Sell Jewelry Online

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Online Jewelry auctions can be music to the years to people who have tried it before and ended up finding a great deal. Not only is it possible to get a good deal on a piece, but it is also very cost effective to ship because ornaments are lightweight and easy to transport therefore the fees for shipping are lower than other items in the market. In fact, people who have participated in this type of auction tend to feel a thrill every time they land on a good deal.

A Brief History of Auctions

Auctions have been around for a long time. There were many markets in those old days that had already seen the value of selling things without setting a specific price. These types of markets have been in existence from as far back as 500 B.C. in the Greek civilization. These markets sold all types of commodities from art auction to women for marriage. In Greece, this was the only legitimate way people could hand over their daughters for marriage to suitors. At those times women were sold for marriage. Rich men looking for women to marry would visit these markets

A Flexible Market

There are different antique auctions online market places with different ways of auctioning items. Buy having an online presence the dealers in jewelry end up saving a lot of money compared to having a physical setting where they sell their ornaments. There are websites where you can start bidding from as little as one dollar and the bid goes up every 5 seconds, the bids can move around pretty first, but you try two or three times you’ll get the hang of it. Some sites will guarantee you a percentage of the money or your money back. There are many accessories you can find in some of these sites; they include things like necklaces, watches and even some men’s accessories.

eBay vs. Other Sites

Many people seeking to sell ornaments, bracelets and even lighting auction, do so via eBay and other similar websites. There are several problems when it comes to selling on eBay. One is the site will charge you basic fees such as listing fee and final value fee. Additional fees for improving the visibility of your items are also necessary in order to find buyers quickly. The site is saturated with many products therefore these fees are necessary to make your products successful.


Many users of the site have complained about its policies especially policies to do with customer service. EBay moderates its forums and is very strict on what can be posted there. Even though this could help protect some buyers and sellers, it limits the amount of information and makes it hard to track issues arising within the site.

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