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Why Not Just Anybody Can Offer Marriage Counseling

by anonymous

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What’s great about the modern society is that we don’t only have tools we can use to make our lives easier. We have also come up with a scientific approach in handling the most ordinary issues we encounter with people in our lives, such as our spouses. With a systematic way to addressing marital conflicts, couples now find it easier to resolve their differences, instead of ignoring the issues that may eventually lead them to divorce.


Indeed, with professional marriage counseling, marital vows have become easier to preserve as long as both parties involved are willing to make their union work. And when it comes to finding a professional marriage counselor, couples can also count on guidelines for choosing which marriage counselor can truly help them save their marriage.


Characteristics of a Good Marriage Counselor


A good marriage counselor has many characteristics, depending on the case where such qualities are put to fore. However, in general, a good marriage counselor is an open-minded person who will cast no judgment on either spouse. He will have a listening ear to both, and offer insights to offer to help them overcome their differences. He will go into the source of the problem but focus more on helping the current situation. He will also be an expert in addictive behavior counseling, knowing that any form of addiction is damaging to a union. Most importantly, a good marriage counselor will never take sides and be objective about the issues in every way possible. 


What It Takes to be a Marriage Counselor


It may sound like anyone who has been married knows how to give marriage advice. Not quite. In fact, qualified marriage counselors are those who have earned a master’s degree, assuming they have earned a four-year degree from a well-reputed college or university (and no, they don’t have to be married.) After the master’s degree, a counselor can move on to pursuing a doctorate degree, although they can already start practicing by this time. A doctorate degree is not a requirement, but it can help strengthen the counselor’s knowledge and experience of marital issues, allowing him to become more effective marriage in his job.     


The Need for a License to Practice


Technically speaking, anyone can offer marriage counseling and they will simply differ by their skills, professional ethics and most importantly, their concern for their clients. This is the reason licensing for this profession has been required. It is the process of licensing that separates real counselors from those who are in it for the money, those who have studied the dynamics of marriages from a scientific point of view from those who are self-proclaimed experts with nothing to offer but their gift of words. Although a license doesn’t make a marriage counselor good, it does raise the chances that he is.


If you’re looking for a counseling center in Charlotte NC, start looking online where you are likely to find them more easily. And never forget to check their credentials if you must entrust your most guarded marriage secrets or even your entire married life to them.

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