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Turtlenecks and Puma Golf Clothes: The Dawn of Unique Styles

by leedove

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What is typically seen with sweaters and is a kind of clothing where the collar covers the entire neck region is the turtleneck. St. Croix, who made Steve Jobs' turtlenecks, reported an increase in sales when Jobs died, being that the genius liked using turtlenecks so much. For the record, wearing a turtleneck makes you look as innovative as using golf clothes by Puma.

The origin of the turtleneck is questionable; no one understands who devised it and the names being credited to its development were usually the topic of disagreement. It is thought that these clothes had existed as early as the 15th century A.D. but just got popularity 4 centuries later. Sailors were the primary users of turtleneck, the long collar serving as a scarf to keep their necks toasty. But as time proceeded, the turtleneck came to be associated with intellectuals and artists.

Some think that turtlenecks are just worn by females; but this is a prominent misconception. When the turtleneck was promoted in the 19th and 20th centuries, they were primarily used by intellectual and military men. The trend of ladies wearing turtlenecks didn't come till the mid-1900s, along with a brand name brand-new trend for the design—black turtlenecks.

If you were living in the 1950s and you occur to come across a man in a black turtleneck, you can say that he's an existentialist. This held true back then, along with black berets and the reality that you consider yourself a rebel against typical garments such as bow-and-tie. It reveals that mens turtleneck wear appeared made for intellectuals.

As for the explanation why they're called turtlenecks, in spite of the fact that they hardly look like the neck of a turtle, there's no concrete response. Like the genuine creator of the turtleneck, it's anyone's guess as to the origin of the term. Some people, on the other hand, think that the turtleneck lets you stick out your head like a turtle. But if a person looks good on a turtleneck, every little thing else comes secondary.

There's much to find out about the popular people who used turtlenecks to the point of being an icon for this line of clothes. Take Steve Jobs, for example; you can read his love for turtlenecks at the website at Doing this can be actually advantageous.

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