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Advantages and Disadvantages of Volcanoes

by adam89

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Back to the days wherein you are still sitting in the classroom and listening to your teacher, you should have already crossed on a topic which involves the land formation. Land formation is a natural phenomenon which involves different hypotheses and theories on how these occurrences became possible. Now, it may appear to you on your younger times that land formations are all about the mountains, volcanoes, and many more. But, as the time passes by, the information gathered for it becomes broader and as a person, knowing that information is vital.

So, how do really land formation takes place? Among the theories, the most popular “believed” cause is the movement of the land. This is also called as the “tectonic plates.” Well, if you are fond of listening to news and encountered information about the earthquakes, then the movement of tectonic plates may be the cause for it. With that, we can say that as the tectonic plates move, there is a reaction on the crust of the Earth wherein those tectonic plates bump to each other and sometimes, a tectonic plate will go over the tectonic plate and vice versa.

Actually, land formation does not happen in an instant. It needs billions of years to form a new land formation. If you will notice, it is the volcanoes which appeared to be the deadly type of land formation. Why? With the volcanoes, it can damage a lot of properties and even destroy lives once it emits its magma. The magma is the very hot liquid substance coming directly from the core.

Now, since you are now informed that volcano contains magma inside and comes from the core, what is the use of magma? The magma is again, a very hot substance which has a rate of heat quite similar on the heat scanned on the Sun’s surface. Now, the heat from magma is used to stabilize the Earth’s crust. If you are going to have a comparison, other planets which do not have a core have extremely cold atmosphere. With the help of that magma, it emits heat from within which helps the Sun’s heat to somehow equalize the coldness present on the atmosphere.

It is true that volcano may appear to be very deadly and dangerous. Actually, it will just become a dangerous land formation once a movement happened on the Earth’s core. You can also get advantages from it. If in case you still do not know, the magma when emitted to the air is now called lava. That magma can help to make the soil healthier because it contains a lot of minerals. You can also find the soothing hot spring because of volcano, which can also help in boosting the tourism rate in a place.

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