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Is Angina One Of The Possible Causes Of Chest Pain?

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The chest covers a large part of the body and many of the vital organs located within our body are contained within the chest. The organs are physically protected by the presence of the rib cage and these organs are very delicate and even a slight physical injury to them might lead to life threatening consequences. The most common problem that leads people seeking emergency care is chest pain. Although causes of chest pain are far more intricate than physical injury, injury can be one of the reasons as to why one would face pain in the chest and thoracic region of the body.
Apart from physical injury, there can be a number of other reasons of chest pain. The patient might suffer from chest pain due to any of the following mentioned reasons:


  • Indigestion

  • Shortness of breath

  • Heavy sweating

  • Nausea

  • Cramping

  • Heartburn

However, the most common causes of chest pain are related to heart disease. These causes of chest pain can be the early symptoms of a heart problem. Amongst these the most common one is Angina; let us have a look at this medical condition and its role in chest pain:
Angina Pectoris is a medical condition where there is shortage of oxygen supply to the heart that might lead to pain in the chest. This condition reflects the symptoms of coronary heart disease due to arterial blockage that may cause a heart attack. Chest pain caused due to angina can be differentiated from the usual chest pain. The pain due to this medical condition is generally felt across the chest behind the breast bone in particular and is usually felt as heaviness/tightening and squeezing across the chest with pressure. It is generally observed that the radiating pain might spread to even the neck back, arms and even the teeth & jaw as well.

A slight awareness and an early diagnosis as to what is the cause of chest pain could work as an alarm bell against a deteriorating health condition. If any of the above mentioned signs related to chest pain are faced by you, then you must get in touch with a medical specialist to ensure that your heart remains healthy and vigorous. With common diagnostic tests like ECG, (Electrocardiogram) and a stress test, the doctor will be able to detect whether there is the possibility of heart disease or you need not to worry about your heart’s condition when the chest pain occurs.

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