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Important tools to carry to help you fix a wheel puncture

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For any motorist, a wheel puncture is bound to occur any time during a ride. Wheel punctures happen due to various reasons; rough roads, low quality wheels, Sharp object on the road or even inbound tire pressure which causes the wheel to burst. However, you do not decide when or where the puncture should happen. It can happen to racing wheels or metal alloy wheels. If this happens, it should not get you off guard. Instead, you should be prepared with all the essential tools that will help you fix a puncture. You should not wait for this to happen for you to learn that you should always be armed with the right tools anytime, everywhere you go.

Listed below are the tools necessary for you to fix a punctured wheel. They should always be in your car. They are called the tire puncture repair kit.

These include

Spare Wheel

Whether it’s a small or a large puncture, a spare wheel is a must. You never know when a puncture that requires change of the wheel will be required. This makes it necessary to carry a spare wheel always. To add onto this, many punctures cannot be fixed quickly by you if you are not a mechanic. And even though you might have special knowledge on how to fix punctures, you might not have the time to do this if you are in a hurry. And the change of a wheel is the fastest way of fixing a wheel puncture. If you want to arrive on time to wherever you might be going despite a puncture, make the spare wheel your friend. Especially, if you are in a racing competition, one or two spare racing wheels should be in your car!

Jack and spanner

You can have a spare metal alloy wheel with you, but without a jack and a spanner, there is nothing you can do. Unless you have a group of strong men to help lift the car, which you are unlikely to have; it’s good to have a jack with you. A jack is used to lift the car in order to remove the punctured wheel from its place and fix the spare wheel. A spanner on the other hand, works hand in hand with the jack and is used to unfasten the nuts on the punctured wheel and fasten the nuts on the spare wheel so that it can be held firm onto the car. Ensure that they are of the correct size according to your car. Especially, the spanner should not be larger or smaller than the nuts.


Tire Spray

The tire spray is a must have to temporarily seal punctures before you visit the mechanic. It will save you in case you have no spare wheel with you. This spray quickly seals small punctures effectively and helps you continue with your journey. It will be of great help to those who don’t know how to change tires or those who have no spare wheels. A tire spray will be good on your racing wheels in case of a puncture because you will be able to finish the race on


A Torch

 Yes! You need to have a torch. A flashlight torch is very important for you to carry. You are wondering how this will help in the puncture fixing. Well, a torch will be necessary in case you are travelling at night and you encounter a puncture. This will be useful in giving you light throughout the fixing process.

An emergency Triangle

This is a must have. You need an emergency triangle to alert other motorists that there is something going on as you replace your metal wheel. This will protect you from being run down by other motorists in case it’s at a bend or corner.

A phone

Always have a phone with you while driving. It helps to make calls in case the damage is beyond you repair or you do not have the necessary tools to fix a puncture. More so, if you are in the middle of a race, a phone will save you a great deal because the help team will come help you fix your racing wheel 

All the above named tools are important to have whenever you are driving. They will save you in case of a wheel puncture.




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