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A few considerations before launching an OOH ad campign

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Advertising is an important tool of promotion adopted by every brand or business owner to create noise about the presence of his product or service and finally to encourage customers to buy or adopt the product/service. There are various mediums of advertising available for advertisers to choose from. Outdoor or OOH Advertising is an effective means of publicizing your brand or business messages through an out of home channel targeting the attention of out of home customers.  Outdoor Advertising in India is one of the fast growing sectors. The rising numbers of brands along with the growing market have promoted the interest of outdoor advertisers in India. OOH Advertising in India is therefore one of the fully functional sectors that achieves a continuous growth. There are some considerations for an advertiser while launching an OOH Advertising campaign. This article highlights a few considerations of advertising through OOH media.  Keep reading for some interesting find outs.

Select the perfect location

The advertising site plays one of the major roles in drawing maximum attention of customers through an OOH advertising campaign. Advertisers should broadly study and find out the significant locations where the outdoor banner can be easily visible among customers. Traffic points, shopping complexes, cinema houses, metro stations, community gates etc. are a few sites where any outdoor advertising display comes under the easy notice of customers. While driving or walking past the location, customers are naturally drawn to the outdoor ad display thereby communicating the brand message in the best possible manner.

Inform what is only right or relevant

A misleading advertising message is a must avoid for every outdoor advertiser. There is a limited space available to convey the brand message among target customers. This space must be wisely utilized. What has to be told to customers should be told in a brief, crisp and interesting manner. If the brand ad seems to occupy a long attention span of customers, they are likely to get bored and avoid the brand message. A brief, to the point and interesting message would therefore be the apt manner to convey the message. A rich graphic work is also a must for every outdoor advertising display. An attractive design and an interesting advertising copy are the two assets for an advertiser to launch a promotion campaign through OOH media.

Go for a lasting medium

Advertisers have gamuts of choice when it comes to choosing a particular medium of communicating a message through outdoor media. An advertiser should be wise enough to choose a relevant channel of communication. For example, a brand message that targets easy notice among customers should make the most of billboard or hoarding displays. By the mention of billboards, advertisers have also choices to make about the size or types of billboards. These days, advertisers can also opt for digital billboards that do not require any manual input to change or modify brand messages. Once fixed, these billboards can be operated right from the office by simply logging on to the server. Time, money and energy saving digital billboards these days rule the roost in Outdoor advertising sector.


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