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Curtains and Fabrics – Making The Right Choices For Your Hom

by liyo89

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Curtains are not just a bit of material that you use to cover windows and doors but they also add beauty and style to the decor of your home. Selecting curtains is not always easy. Your choice depends on the type and shape of room and most importantly your taste. For example a professional single man in his thirties will not necessarily make the same choice in curtains or the type of fabrics for his home, as a married couple with an expanding family. If you are looking for a tranquil, restful mood, then you may want to choose neutral blues or greens and if you’re a bachelor and a party animal, you may use darker reds and browns that make more immediate impact.


If you are thinking of using darker colours, be mindful of the fact that some darker colours make your room seem smaller and some colours even tend to make certain rooms look dark and gloomy. Some dark blues can create a gloomy feel to your room and if your room is small, you should avoid the darker colours. It’s all about striking a balance between personal taste and making that work for your room. You may love a certain colour for your curtains, but does that colour complement the colour of your walls? How about the size of your window? If you have large windows, you choice of colour should be influenced by how covering a large area of your wall with a certain colour and fabric would affect the look and feel of your room. You may want to use patterned floral or striped fabrics which may have a traditional or contemporary feel. It all depends on your taste and the statement you want to make.


The pattern of the Curtain Fabric also plays a significant role as each part of the home requires curtains and you can get different designs for your bedroom, dining room, kitchen, bathroom and children’s room. The length, type and the quality of fabric matter a lot and depend upon the type of room and its climatic condition. If you have a tiny window in the kitchen which provides light, then you may want to consider a simple valance. If you want ample light to come in, choose a fabric with a light and crisp texture. As for your living room, make sure you get the fabric right. If the fabric is too heavy, then it may not fold easily when drawn and if it’s too light it may crease easily.

If you’re buying your own curtain fabric, make sure you get your measurements right. Remember most fabrics come in two widths: 42 to 45 and 54 to 60 inches. The last thing you want is to start making your curtains, only to find out you don’t have enough fabric.


Once you’ve purchased your curtain fabric, make sure you measure your window correctly. Measure from the top of your window and add the gap from where the curtains are going to hang. If you want the more traditional look, you may want to add another couple of inches so that your curtain would be slightly puddled on the floor. For the more contemporary look, leave a gap so that your curtain fall a little short off the floor.

To save money, shop online. There are now a handful of curtain warehouses that offer curtains and fabrics at trade prices. Some of these warehouses are major importer & exporters and they also have online stores offering not only curtains and fabrics, but also accessories such as curtain tracks, tiebacks, poles and curtain linings.

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