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Dental loupes are a kind of Dental equipment used for magnif

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These are nothing but a pair of magnifying glasses. As dentists use there both hands while working so these loupes are binoculars and comes in the form of glasses. Dentists usually put it on while working. Sometime loupes are fitted with light sources which are usually LED with fiber optic cables. Loupes increase the magnification of the field and hence helps in better diagnosis and precise work, while a dentists performs his work at millimeter level this kind of magnification can help him to improve the quality of treatment.Now a days loupe mounted cameras and video recorders are also available.

Benefits of using Dental Loupes

1.In Dental Procedure-After using loupes the magnification can increase upto 2.5x- 6x which will dramatically improve the visibility of the field and hence it will improve our preciseness of the treatments.Better results and lesser failures will give us more patient satisfaction & ease of working.

2.Correct Posture and ease of work- Dentist have unusual sitting position while working and extended hours of work will reasult in strain in eye, muscles and tendons, resulting in permanent damage in long term.
how does loupes help-
•Reduced eye, neck and back fatigue
•Enhanced view of your instruments
•Better visualization of the oral cavity
•Increased patient confidence and satisfaction

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