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Entertainment in Rome

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Rome cannot compete with other cities in Europe like London, Paris and Amsterdam in terms of variety of entertainment. The city is particularly strong on classical and religious music and opera but in modern terms the offerings are relatively slim for a city of Rome's size and influence.

Nevertheless, Rome invests a lot of money and effort to ensure that music is available to anyone and this means that there are plenty of free concerts during the year, both modern and classical. During the summer months of June-September the city explodes with outdoor venues and events in "music villages" set up in open spaces around the city.


Classical : Many churches host concerts, among them Sant'Ignazio and San Paolo entro le Mura. It is worth checking the listings magazine as most nights of the week it is possible to find a concert in at least one of Rome's 900 churches.

Modern : Many nightclubs and bars have live music on some nights of the week. Among the best is Caffe' Latino, decorated in ethnic style there is live music most evenings. On the same street Café de Oriente has also built itself a solid reputation for Latin-American beats.


Silvano Toti Globe : The Silvano Toti Globe theatre was built to resemble Shakespeare's Globe Theatre in London, hosting a variety of theatrical events and performances. Designed to capture the magic and atmosphere of days of old, its broad appeal reaches both young and old providing theatregoers with a truly unique experience.

Teatro Olimpico : Teatro Olimpico is a large theatre situated in the north of the city which seats up to 1,400 people, and hosts a diverse range of shows and performances from ballet, stand-up comedy, to pop and rock concerts.


Rome is alive at night. If New York is the city that never sleeps, Rome is the party that never ends. Discos compete for extravagent themes and décor, and if they don't always keep up with the latest trends in London or L.A., they still provide a great evening for the young and foot loose. Thursdays through Sundays are club nights when the whole city seems to be out on the town.

Italians are not heavy drinkers generally but Rome still has its fair share of bars, pubs and nightclubs. Most evenings the inhabitants of the city as well as tourists head out for light drinks and socialising. If drinking spirits be wary of the excessively generous measures.

Bars and Clubs in Rome

Goa : Steel decor with bright colours and techno sounds combine to give a sharp industrial feel to Goa, a popular club in the Ostiense area. DJs spin jungle, hip-hop and electronic for a trendy crowd from Thursday to Saturday.

Antico Caffe della Pace : Rome's beautiful people gather to drink and gossip at this late 19th-century ivy-clad bar near Piazza Navona. The Antico Caffe della Pace's terrace gets busy in summer. Dress to impress to attract the harried waiters.

Alexanderplatz : It’s a jazz club. Alexanderplatz, out in the Prati district, claims to be the oldest jazz club in Italy. Musicians from the past 40 years have left messages and autographs on the walls of this dingy, but charming, venue.

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