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Three Factors that Affecting Vibration Screening

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1. A physical property ( sieved material)
Physical properties includes particle size, humidity, the material was sieved with mud, sediment, and the shape of the material, etc., when the particle size is small, and the amount of sieve is big, the sieving rate and yield of the sieve are also large. When the humidity of materials, in general is big, the screening efficiency will be reduced. The larger the mesh size is, and the smaller influence of the moisture content of the material will be, so for the more moisture content of the materials, in order to increase the screening efficiency. We can increase the sieve, or use a wet sieving. Materials containing sediment (including sediment is greater than 8%) volume should use wet sieving, or pre-wash mine
2.The nature of its structure and parameters of the screen surface
Vibrating Screen is to make materials do parabolic movement on the screen surface, so screening efficiency is high and has large production capacity. For certain materials, the sieve productivity and screening efficiency depend on the mesh size; productivity depends on the width of the screen surface, the screen wide production screening efficiency.
Screening efficiency depends on the length of the screen surface, the longer the screening efficiency of the screen surface is, the higher the screening efficiency will be; General the ratio is
2.The larger the effective screening area (the sieve area to the entire screen surface area ratio), the higher the productivity per unit area of the screen surface and screening efficiency.
The larger the mesh size is, the greater the productivity of the unit screen surface will be, and the higher the screening efficiency is.
3. The influence of the production conditions
When the sieve load is large, the screening efficiency is low; to great extent, the  sieve productivity rate depends on the mesh size and the total screening efficiency; the greater the sieve hole is, requirements for screening efficiency are lower, the productivity is higher, feeding uniformity is meaningful for  the screening process. More information on impact crusher, please consult us!
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