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Economic and new ultra sonic algae control systems

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Algae are one of the most common problems in any water environment, it is small organisms that reside in water based ecosystems and that receive all of their power from the sun by carrying out photosynthesis. The ordinary causes of algae blooms are chemical unification, some natural reasons and many more other. These algae blooms are very harmful as they reduce the level of dissolved oxygen in the water that affects the natural life of marine animals like fish, and naturally occurring water plants. For these reasons algae control is really very important, and for this there are various technologies available like chemical treatment and many more. But these techniques are not so effective and easy to use in big size water surfaces.

Today there are various latest digital equipment are available for algae removal, these systems are really very effective and also eco friendly. Ultrasound algae control system is one of those systems that are utilized to reduce algae in a wide area. This device works on unique approach; it’s an underwater device that produces regular ultrasonic sound wave pulses to destroy algae blooms. The produced ultrasound waves are inaudible for human beings and cause no hazard to people, fish or animals. The ultrasound is also proved to also indirectly reduce many water borne filamentous bacteria and pathogens such as legionella or E.coli and so can also be apply in cooling towers and water treatment plants.

The efficiency of this device is incredible and it will destroy nearly all forms of algae such as toxic blue-green algae or cyanobacteria, with negligible blow on the aquatic atmosphere. With the use of these devices you can treat wide area water’s surface and you can also install more than one unit to lake algae control. These systems are really very economical and onetime investment as these systems require less maintenance and consume low power.

If you also want to reduce algae problem in your house’s pond or water tank, these systems are excellent choice for you. These devices are produced and designed by expert and qualified biologists as they have expertise to utilize modern techniques. To know more about these kinds of systems, you can take help of internet. At internet you will get whole detail related to working of systems and how to install them.


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