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Photo Blankets -Unique and Memorable Personalize Gift

by pensmith

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Whether it’s a birthday of your special one or any occasion where a special gift is required. This is always nice to give something unique, unusual or personalized to the special person. Actually we live in a world where it doesn’t matter what day of the week or what time it is, you can buy a gift for any one at anytime thanks to the wonderful world of internet store.

The moment you start you search it will become apparent that the choices of personalized gifts is slightly overwhelming yet no need to be alarmed, it does not matter how well you know you recipient or not for that matter, there is a perfect gift just waiting to be personalized.

Now we always give gifts to friends and loved ones on different occasions, celebrations and those gifts mean different things to each recipient. Now some give to please their friends, some to show their love, care and affection to their parents, some to congratulate, to wish luck to their departing colleagues.

Now photo blankets are absolutely unique and personalized gift for your special one. You can personalize the blanket with a single photograph or with a photo montage consisting of a variety of different pictures. The sizes range from small blankets that are ideal cont blankets to medium sized ones that are great for travelling, through to large picture blankets that are accurately perfect for just about any application or use. And there is no doubt, you don’t have to use personal pictures as any digital print or even you own artwork can be added to make a unique and great looking personalized blanket,

Now there are so many photos you can choose for your picture blankets. Generally, the better the quality of the picture, the better the quality of the finished blanket but you can even use scanned paper prints or digital copies of your favorite artwork. If you are a budding artist or an amateur photographer you will undoubtedly enjoy seeing the results printed onto a high photo blanket that has much utilization.

If you can’t decide on a single picture to use then the photo montage could be the best option for you. A photo montage can be created by using anywhere between six to thirty photographs. These photos are combined into one great looking picture and then added to the blanket of your choice. As standard, the photo blanket that you choose is added to a single side of the blanket but you also get to choose the color on the reverse. Alternatively you can select to have a second image printed on the back of the photo blankets making it even more special and personal.

Now the small photo blankets make the perfect baby gift. Use one of the very first photographs taken of the new arrival and have it converted into a great looking baby blanket or cot blanket. Alternatively, have picture blankets using different images of the whole family.

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