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Cause and Resolution for Zip File Corruption

by Dsmith

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While moving our files to a compressed folder (Zip file), we are generally unaware of the fact that, the Zip file is not immune to corruption and its corruption may cause damage to all the files stored in the Zip file.

And, when the Zip file gets corrupted, owing to whatever reason, your data stored inside the file becomes inaccessible. To compensate for the loss caused due to corruption of Zip file, you can use the original file or its backup file. But, if due to some reason, restoring the data is not possible, then you have to use a superior quality Zip Repair software to retrieve all the contents from the file.

On trying to extract your Zip file, at times, nothing happens, apart from appearance of some error message indicating corruption of the Zip file. Now, the question is, what could have caused corruption in the Zip file? Let us find out more about this.

There are a lot of reasons causing Zip file corruption. Some of those reasons are:

Transfer error: This is the most common reason for Zip file corruption. This may occur while downloading a Zip file from the Internet, which introduces invalid data into the Zip file. Storage media getting exposed to excessive temperature. Cross linked disk sectors. Disk drive mechanical issues.

One more reason for Zip file corruption could be the damage of the removable or external medium on which it was stored.

How to resolve the issue? An ideal way to resolve the issue is to obtain a fresh copy of the file from another source. But, if this is not possible, then restore the file from an updated backup file. And, if you downloaded the file, then try downloading it again to get a clean Zip file. But, if there is no source available to download the file again and the file you have is corrupted and unfortunately, you do not have any backup, then use a Zip Repair software to solve the issue. The software can Repair Zip File using its complex scanning algorithms and restore the file at default or any user-specified location.

Stellar Phoenix Zip Recovery is an efficient software that ensures complete retrieval of data from the corrupted or damaged Zip file in almost all corruption scenarios. This software can Repair Zip File(s) created with WinZip5.0 to WinZip 12.1. This read-only software is designed for Windows 7, Vista, XP, 2003, and 2000.

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