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Choosing the Perfect Color of Your Wedding Dress

by MallTop1

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A wedding is one of the most significant events in a woman's life. For a girl who is getting married, the wedding is a major occasion that is a celebration of love, joy and togetherness. Women plan their weddings ever since they were little girls and all over life a girl will probably have a preconceived idea about the way she looks on her wedding day. A wedding is a day when a girl should look her best and the dress that she is wearing should complement every inch of her body. A natural glow to the skin sets off the dress, no matter what the color is.

Color can be used as a very subtle accent or as a bold statement. The gown itself can be in a hue other than white, or touches of color can be added to a white background. If a bride just loves pink, maybe she would be happiest in a lustrous satin gown in the palest of pinks. Certain skin tones will absolutely glow in a soft gold wedding gown. For a very traditional bride, choosing a gown in a color besides white or ivory may feel too risky, but there are other ways to get a little pop of color into your ensemble.

It is important to take into consideration the season in which you are getting married and what your skin tone will be then. Are you having a summer wedding? If so will you have a bit of a tan already, or perhaps you might be choosing to add a fake glow! If you're going for a professional spray tan or doing it yourself at home we would advise you to have a 'practice run' first. If you're an overseas bride then getting wed in a hot climate it is most likely to alter your skin color. Do be extra careful if you have a tendency to burn and watch out for unsightly strap marks, neither of which will be a good look! Alternatively if it's a winter wedding many of us will be sporting the pale English rose complexion! Whatever your personal skin coloring, it should be a determining factor when you're searching for your dream wedding dress.

To help you choose your colors, why not ask your prospective bridesmaids what color they would like to wear as your attendants. You never know you might just come up with a color that you're all happy with. If you have a favorite color but feel that it wouldn't be a good color to use for your wedding, why not incorporate the color into your wedding flowers, table decorations etc. There is always a way to use your favorite color even if it is the tackiest color ever!

There are lots of colors to choose from and each of them exudes the bride's personality and style. When choosing a colored dress, you have to consider, which color suits your personality best as the color of the dress will reflect on your aura when walking down the aisle. You can also choose the dress, which will best fit your wedding theme. Every color has a meaning and depending on your culture or type of event you may choose the one that represents you more.

The first step in selecting your colors is to coordinate with the wedding location. Decide on where the wedding will occur, then consider what colors may be appropriate for the venue. The type of location will also matter as to what colors may go along with the space. For example, a country club may be well suited for a nautical blue wedding while a more rustic setting will lend itself to earthy tones. A green colored venue may not go along well with a hot pink wedding motif.

Secondly, pick the colors that you like best. Try looking through art galleries, or scanning through wedding magazines. A country wedding style may be suitable with a brown and yellow theme. Green with cantaloupe may be chic on a riverside wedding. Nautical blue and red stripes can be perfect for a navy wedding. If there are many rooms in the wedding venue, try creating a theme for each room to have multiple ambiences.

Also consider the season when selecting a color for your wedding gowns. The white which washes you out in the dead of winter might look fresh and crisp with a light tan in the summer. Warmer colors are often preferred for cold weather weddings, although the right shade of white is perfect for a sparkling Winter Wonderland theme wedding. When you are torn between two shades for your bridal gown, think about your regular wardrobe; if you tend to look best in cool colors, choose a white gown, and if warmer tones flatter you best, an ivory bridal gown will be fantastic for you.

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