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Get that perfect cleaning with sponge cloths

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Cleaning is one of the main tasks at home. Cleaning comprises of sweeping, mopping, dusting, washing and more. You should maintain separate cleaning clothes for all these cleaning works. Sponge cloths are one of the cleaning tools, used to maintain the glow and freshness of your home. These are really useful in cleaning house, especially the kitchen area. All the surfaces of the kitchen cannot be mopped or swept, hence we need this cloth. This cloth helps you in cleaning the gas stove top, refrigerator doors and more. These are also used to clean the kitchen utensils. So, you can make your utensils shine and shimmer with the help of this cloth.


Usually these are made of renewable materials like cellulose and cotton and that is the reason they have an excellent absorbing quality. It contains 70 percent cellulose and 30 percent unbleached non GMO cotton.  They are also handy and easy to use. All you have to do is wipe this cloth on the stains and remove them. It also has capability to remove the microfiber germs. It can be reused and can be washed in machine as well. It acts as a sponge and also as a wiping. Always, keep it handy to clean the kitchen surfaces after you are done with the cooking.


Cleaning sponge cloths is also a hassle free job. You can easily clean the cloth with minimal efforts. Most people think that it is really difficult to clean the sponge after cleaning the kitchen surfaces, but that is a myth. You can easily clean the cloth if you follow some simple instructions. In half bucket of water add few drops of mild detergent and put the sponge into it. After a while, remove the sponge and wring it to remove excess water. Then, wash with running water until it becomes clean and tidy. If you use the cloth to clean the greasy stains, then you should soak it in hot water for 30 minutes to remove the oil and dirt from it. Once it absorbs the water, and then takes it out from the water and wring to remove excess water. The main advantage of this cloth is that it can be used many times and can clean several surfaces. With the cloth, cleaning house has become an easier process. So, wait no longer ad get one for you.

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