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Travel belts – one way to safety from thieves

by anonymous

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It might be a sad fact but it is quite common for many people who are at a vacation to have stolen or loosen their belongings like money, credit cards, keys and even passports. But the main fault is at these who do not know how to protect their things and put them in pockets or purses which could be either lost or an easy aim for every pick pocket. Even if you don’t have a great deal of cash, it still might be an unpleasant feeling. However, you could be safe from all these unfortunate events by just… buying yourself a travel belt.

The convenience of money belts

With a travel belt, also known as fabric belt or money belt, traveling might be much more secure – they could be the key to your calm mind, not having to worry about thefts or stuff like that. And all of this only in a small fabric pouch that is zipped, placed around your waist. You could even wear it completely hidden under your pants or skirt; it could be even tucked in your shirttail. This way your cash and most important documents could be in a secured place that nobody would ever dare to steal from. Fabric belts could be very comfortable for another reason as well: you don’t feel them at all. You could just wear one all day and forget about them until it gets late and time for bed – when you have to undress.

If you value this, then you shouldn’t be able to go or travel anywhere without your money belt.


 A travel belt might have very and different benefits. They are both compact and discreet and you feel safe, calm and relaxed when you know that no one could steal your most important belongings. As well as comfort and secure storage they could also offer you an easy access to your debit/credit card or cash. All of the travel belts are also suitable for every type of body thanks to the elastic strap that could stretch comfortably to the biggest size.

Things it might contain

In your travel belt you have to carry the main and most important handy things you might need at any time. Such item is the credit card, which could be quite helpful when your cash runs out or in case of a necessary car rental. A debit card is another important thing you should keep in yourself all the times because you don’t know when you will have to withdraw money; and you have to carry a driving license as well. Wherever you go it (especially if you are from Europe) will surely work just fine everywhere. Remember, without it you won’t be able to rent a car if it suddenly turns out that you have to. Cash is always a must and a rail pass, a plastic sheath, a contact list and a trip calendar page could also come handy, believe it or not.


Never leave your fabric belt without supervision, for example, “hidden” under your clothes while you swim. There are much safer choices, like leaving it in your hotel room. Even in the shower you could take it with you by hanging it somewhere close in a plastic sheath to keep it dry and safe.

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