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The Most Unique Body Jewelry

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Body jewelry comes in all types of sizes, shapes and for different parts of the body, starting from lip, belly button, and earlobe to nipple. If you’re seeking some unique body jewelry, then make sure that you take a note of the different jewelry pieces. These unique body jewelry pieces are easy to clean and are light weight and can be taken care of with ease.

Given below are some of the most unique body jewelry pieces that come in different shapes. You can avail one which is twisted and often shaped like cane or any other depending on your own preference. These jewelry items range from different sizes. So you can be sure to have one unique piece.

Sterling Silver Nose Stud

There are many different styles of Sterling silver nose jewelry available in the market. You can find sterling silver nose jewelry that have L-Bend or have straight in them. Most styles available include heart shaped, flat nose jewelry, squares and stars. You can even select a diverse nose stud whenever you want to glitter your way all through the day.

Labret lip piercings

There are many different labret variations that are primarily based on the positioning of the piercing. Labret lip piercings usually refers to single piercing on the lower lip to the below center and about the half way between the edge of the top of the chin and lower lip. The labrets can even be done in the pairs, generally to the either side of the center.

You can make use of diverse metals and diverse ends if you choose to go with metal labret stud. The labrets are all available in steel, gold and titanium. Available in plain and colored form, the labret lip piercing can well be fitted with balls, spikes and gemstone ends in any one of these metals. You can also obtain acrylic, stone balls, or the novelty shapes like the gold bunny.

Belly button rings

Get a range of dangling as well as non dangling belly button rings at cheaper rates. Belly button rings or naval rings are ones that are more popular. Most common sizes for the belly button piercing is the 14 gauge and 7/16” or 3/8”.

Ferido crystal belly piercing

The Ferido crystal belly piercing looks sexy and are very popular. You can also find cheap prices on the Ferido crystal belly piercing available in a wide range of sparkling and bright colors. Comfortable to wear at any time of the year, Ferido crystal belly piercing are fun to wear at any time.
Last but not the least; you can also find cheap belly piercing jewelry

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