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NH7 Bangalore – One mad festival

by PreetiJagwani

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Music is a universal language NH7 Delhi spoken by pretty much the entire planet. Common elements of music include harmonies, pitch, scales, notes among other things. Music is a stress-buster as well as a soul-healer. There are many genres of music. Rock n roll, pop, reggae, disco, electronica, trance, hip-hop, house among others. As technology progressed and music evolved more and more genres and their sub-genres came into picture. From rock n roll came metal, hard rock, nu metal, alternative rock, grunge and post-grunge etc. Then there was house, trance, electronic dance music and many others. Music is enjoyed most at concerts. There is nothing more thrilling than watching their favorite act live with other fans. Even if the numbers are small, the concert still feels grandeur because of the cheer that the fans can give a band.
Concerts and music festivals keep happening on a regular basis all around the world. There are rock festivals, electronica festivals, trance festivals, underground festivals among many others. People flock in masses to attend these festivals to watch their favorite acts perform live. Some of the biggest festivals this world has seen are Woodstock, Oktoberfest, Rock in Rio, Download festival etc. All these festivals have some of the world's most finest acts playing live. People from all over the world travel to attend these festivals. After all, it's pretty much a once in a lifetime experience for people to go crazy, groove and sing along with their favorite bands and artists. India has its own set of crazy music festivals that happen on a regular basis. Though, it may not be as large scale as a Rock in Rio or Woodstock, it still attracts a lot of people. Some of the festivals in India include Rock in India, NH7 Weekender festival, The Great Indian October festival, Sunburn and a lot of smaller festivals among others.
NH7 Weekender festival is one of the most happening festivals in India. Its first edition happened in Pune. The response it got was so overwhelming that this time NH7 is taking place in three cities – NH7 Delhi, NH7 Pune and NH7 Bangalore. NH7 Delhi is going to be the most happening of them all. The headlining act for the event is none other than thrash metal giants Megadeth. NH7 Delhi is going to be one hell of a festival this time. NH7 Delhi is (like all NH7 festivals in India) a multi-genre festival. Fans can get to listen everything from rock n roll to metal to electronica to hard rock. That is the beauty of NH7 Weekender festival. The NH7 Delhi line-up includes artists such as Parikrama, Midival Punditz, Zero, Pentagram among many other crazy acts. NH7 Delhi has a line-up that looks formidable as well as mad. This year NH7 is going all out to make sure their festival is considered as one of the top festivals in the world. With the NH7 Delhi line-up, it looks like this festival is going to a long way to the top.

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