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Area 51

by twinklekhanna

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Area 51, a myth or real truth of American Air Force has been a matter of concern for many people for years.  After many years of clandestine experiments and services by American Air Force technical, pilots and engineers, the secret revealed by some of them about the place of Area 51 still seems unbelievable and shrouded in secrecy. According to the Area 51 updates, the location of the mysterious agency of America has furtive location as well.  Area 51 pictures reveal the facts about whispered stories of Area 51 and secret behind its unique name. The name of American Air Force agency is derived from its location at grid 51 on the base map of Nevada, 83 miles northwest of Las Vegas.

Edward J. Ruppelt, who has worked with the agency for 6 years, has publicized the story behind foundation of clandestine agency of American Air Force in 1955 to develop the famous U-2 spy plane. After coming in existence, the Area 51 has been a hub for developing weapons and aircrafts which also includes reconnaissance planes and stealth bombers. Though no evidence supports the notorious reports of alien technology research and development, the base is possibly used for rumored black projects, such as Aurora.

For the security concern for all the developments and researches, the government of America has put his best foot forward for Area 51.  Impersonation authorization is impossible for the entry, only the authorized and secured person of Area 51 can enter the fences with the shuttle and has to go through the rounds of security which includes small fleet Boeing 737- 200s is unmarked with the three digital numbers associated with the prefix to Janet.  As per Area 51 news, the general public can’t even have a look of perimeter fences.  

The former employees of area 51 who has worked as secret spies, pilots, engineers and members of the Navy, Air Force, Tactical Air Command and Strategic Air Command, all working toward a common goal, pushing the limits of the military, science and technological knowledge has given evidence of  development of spy plane known as the U2 and the A12 Oxcart. Besides, these big know spy planes, Area 51 has also been part of development in nuclear weapons and bombs.



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