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Speak easy themed bars are popular in the city

by allastir2805

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London is a place that is well known for its excitement. This is a place that just recently hosted the summer games with a massive opening and closing ceremony, so it isn’t likely to let the excitement fade away with summer. As a metropolitan city that caters for the young, hip and the happening, it has bars aplenty. The newest and most fashionable place to be seen at the moment is at Evans and Peel Detective Agency. It may not sound like your usual bar cum restaurant, but believe us, if you want something a little out of the ordinary, but with great drinks and a very cool atmosphere, then this is the place to be. It’s even better if you happen to be able to hit the bar with a gorgeous date on your arm. If you happen to be single then don’t fear, as you can solve your own mystery of how to find a date by hitting the internet. If you search for London escorts in your area, you will be met with a myriad of girls, girls who are not only gorgeous, but also very available.

To get to the aforementioned bar for your lovely night of mystery with your date for the evening, you have to do a little role play. Enter into the bar via Earls Road. Once there your acting skills will be called into play. Evans and Peel Detective Agency is part of the speakeasy genre that seems to be sweeping London by storm. You first have to have an intercom interrogation, asking if you are here to see the lead detective, that type of thing. Once inside you will be met by a dapper dressed chap at the desk, who will then ask what name you made the appointment under, and so on. Once inside the mood lighting and great drinks will loosen you and your date up enough to have a good old chat about work, your childhood, why you haven’t had a date for a while, and all the other usual date conversation. London escorts love this part of the date, as not only does it mean that you are getting to know each other, but the better she knows you the better she will be at servicing your needs and desires later on. There’s no point turning up to your next date in a headmistress costume if you are more of a jeans and t-shirt girlfriend experience type of guy!

You will find that London escorts provide not only great company on your speakeasy gumshoe date, but also on any other dates you may want to enjoy. Just give her a call tonight and arrange a little date, one thing is for sure, even if you don’t visit Evans and Peel, you’ll still have a wonderful time.


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