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How an Electronic Cigarette Works

by maemullen

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Most cigarette smokers can testify that quitting is one of the hardest things to do. Nonetheless, quitting is possible if only one has the will power to. Tobacco use is known to have very dire consequences on the health of hardcore users. Therefore, to avoid the health risks associated with it, you can take up certain ways that may help you reduce intake of the risky elements of cigarette smoking in the quest to stimulate your body with nicotine. An electronic cigarette is one of such options that you can take up to substitute the nicotine urge or eve in the bid to entirely quit the vice. This is because of the benefits, which come with the use of this artificial smoking option.


An electronic cigarette offers a dose of a stimulating gas that imitates nicotine or is entirely made of nicotine. These cigarettes are beneficial since they offer so much more for far less. For instance, bad breathe issues normally associated with tobacco cigarette smoking; you have a sure solution since the e-cig has no smell and is odorless. There is no smoke emitted therefore making it a great option to even handle your addiction without having to irritate many others around you. Apart from all that, it is inexpensive since with one pack of e-cigarettes, you can smoke for a very long time with only the need to refill once in a while and charging them occasionally.


So how does an electronic cigarette work? It is very simple. Since this is a mechanical device, there is no need for actual tobacco use; all that is needed are several parts that consist of the whole cigarette for it to work. An e-cig has to have a battery pack, the part that powers the whole piece. Usually the front part of the device, it holds the circuitry, the Li-ion battery, a LED light and a sensor. The next part is the atomizer, which holds a filament that heats up a liquid transforming it to the gas to be inhaled. Finally, is the cartridge; this is where the reservoir for the liquid is situated and also holds the filter.


Once you inhale at the cartridge end of the electronic cigarette, the sensor at the battery pack activates. It then powers the atomizer which in turn sucks in the propylene glycol or glycerin based liquid. It then heats it up within a matter of seconds releasing it in gas form. The gas form then travels back through the cartridge where it gets to your mouth and ingested into your system. While doing all this, the LED automatically lights simulating the glowing end of a burning cigarette. This way, you get a fix of the much needed stimulant while having less output of smoke yet achieving what you look for.

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